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In the past I have often fielded questions about my background & involvement in so perhaps an introduction is in order. My name is Jennifer Palmer, and I have been working in cultural resource management for private firms and the federal government since 1994. I earned a BA in Anthropology from Indiana University of Pennsylvania in 1996 and a Certificate in Historic Preservation from Drew University in 2004. Fieldwork over the the years has found me on over 171 prehistoric and historic archaeology projects throughout Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, West Virginia, South Carolina, Louisiana, Arizona, and Florida as a field technician, crew chief and field supervisor. My interests include the archaeology of transportation and infrastructure, industrial archaeology, GIS/computer applications in archaeology, architectural history, and historic preservation.

About the moderators

C. Milo McLeod (mcleodm)

Milo received his master's degree from the University of Montana, and recently retired from a tenure as the Forest Archeologist for the Lolo National Forest, where he has led numerous USFS Passport In Time volunteer projects with the public. Milo has been an active contributor at for many years.

Michael Oberndorf (rkeyo)

Michael's experience in archaeology began as an amateur in Flagstaff, AZ in 1990 with the Arizona Archaeological Society. Since then he has received a BA (Magna Cum Laude) from Metropolitan State College of Denver and an MA (with Distinction) from Leicester University. Michael has worked on projects in Arizona, Colorado, California, Nevada, New Mexico, Wyoming, Utah, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, and Michigan. His interests include rock art, landscape archaeology, and socio/religio-political organization. Michael has been frequenting since 2002.

Richard D. Shultz (FireArch)

Richard began his archaeological journey in 1987 with an Archaeological Field Methods class with Dr. Brad Bartel, excavating the north wing of the San Diego Royal Presidio. He has been involved in Cultural Resource Management as a professional archaeologist since 1989 and received his MA from Sonoma State University (SSU). He has worked in over dozen counties in California, from the southern Channel Islands, to the deserts, the central and northern Sierras, as well as in parts of Arizona, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington. His non-archaeological pursuits include history, photography, surfing, and contributing to Presently Richard is gathering information and context for a Traditional Cultural Property submission relating to Tourmaline Surfing Park, where people have been surfing, learning to surf, and participating and transmitting surf culture since 1926, and is the first dedicated surfing-only property in the United States.

About this site

This website, in its first incarnation, initially went online in 1996, and is now into its 16th (!) year of operation. Through the years, this site has evolved from a series of web pages listing archaeology websites and job adverts to a connected community of professional archaeologists and archaeology enthusiasts from over 100 countries around the world..

Please e-mail me at if you have ideas for ways to improve this website. I am certainly open to comments, criticism and suggestions!

Thanks for your time and interest... Jennifer Palmer, Webmaster,

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