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To search messages, enter the phrase you would like to search for. Message search includes topic titles, and topic/reply text.  Additionally, you can do an advanced search with the 'AND', 'OR', and 'AND NOT' operators. Information on using these keywords is included below.

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Advanced Search Options

To perform an advanced search (using the keywords in red below), you will need to include your individual search words/phrases in quotes as illustrated in the examples.  Otherwise, the search engine will look for an exact match of your entire search phrase. 

For example, entering Maya or Aztec will only find posts with the exact phrase 'Maya or Aztec' in the message.  Entering "Maya" or "Aztec" will find all posts containing either the word 'Maya' or the word 'Aztec'.

Keyword Description Example
AND All words must be in the message "CAT" AND "DOG"
OR Any of the words must be in the message "RED" OR "YELLOW" OR "BLUE"
AND NOT The second word must not be in the message "FOX" AND NOT "CHICKEN"

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