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Technology to Throw New Light On Ancient Artifacts

Jennifer Palmer

Technology to Throw New Light On Ancient Artifacts

ScienceDaily (July 20, 2011) — New technology which makes it possible to study the finer details of some of the world's greatest historical artifacts has been developed by computer scientists and archaeologists at the University of Southampton in conjunction with academics at the University of Oxford.

Dr Kirk Martinez at the University of Southampton's ECS -- Electronics and Computer Science and the team have developed two Reflectance Transformation Imaging (RTI) systems to capture images of documentary texts and archaeological material. The systems takes 76 pictures of artifacts with the light in different positions, then creates a new type or RTI image. The viewer can then move the virtual light anywhere and focus on the detail.

"Hewlett Packard Research Laboratories invented this technology a few years ago and it has been used sporadically around the world," said Dr Martinez. "What we have done is develop the technology so that it is fast enough to be usable every day in a museum situation where you have lots of objects that need scanning. "

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I read about this somewhere else and have been wondering if you could combine this RTI method with close range digital photogrammetry for 3D modeling of artifacts.  I was thinking specifically about lithics where flake scars and other details stand out more when you change lighting angles.  Neat stuff though.


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