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First Evidence of Hunting by Prehistoric Ohioans (U.S.)

Jennifer Palmer

First Evidence of Hunting by Prehistoric Ohioans (U.S.)

ScienceDaily (Mar. 1, 2012) — Cut marks found on Ice Age bones indicate that humans in Ohio hunted or scavenged animal meat earlier than previously known.

Dr. Brian Redmond, curator of archaeology at The Cleveland Museum of Natural History, was lead author on research published in the Feb. 22, 2012 online issue of the journal World Archaeology.

Redmond and researchers analyzed 10 animal bones found in 1998 in the collections of the Firelands Historical Society Museum in Norwalk, Ohio. Found by society member and co-author Matthew Burr, the bones were from a Jefferson's Ground Sloth. This large plant-eating animal became extinct at the end of the Ice Age around 10,000 years ago.

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