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Israel excavation scholarship opportunities - summer 2012

Jennifer Palmer

Scholarship Opportunities for Two Prestigious Israeli Excavations
Biblical Archaeology Society Staff   •  04/18/2012

Thanks to a special grant from the ADAR Foundation, two of the most expertly led digs in Israel are offering extraordinary scholarships this summer. The generous support provides a full season of room and board during the prestigious Bar-Ilan University excavations at Tell es-Safi* and Tel Burna. Tel es-Safi, directed by esteemed BAR contributor Aren Maeir, has been identified as the Philistine and Canaanite city of Gath, the home of the Biblical giant Goliath. Tel Burna, directed by Itzik Shai and Joe Uziel, is a Bronze and Iron Age fortified city located between Judah and Philistia. The generous ADAR Foundation grant creates exciting last-minute opportunities for students from all levels—from undergraduate to post-doctorate—to get involved in some of Israel’s most exciting digs. Read Aren Maeir’s announcement below for more details.

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