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New Evidence for the Pacific Coastal Migration Theory

Jennifer Palmer

New Evidence for the Pacific Coastal Migration Theory
By K. Kris Hirst, GuideJune 22, 2012

A new study of soil sediment cores on the Aleutian island of Sanak lends support to the Pacific Coast

In the 1970s, archaeologist Knut Fladmark argued that one overlooked pathway into the Americas was along the Pacific coast, following up along the Pacific Rim from Asia, along the coastal edges of the the now-submerged landmass of Beringia and down along the Alaskan and Canadian coast. Called the Pacific Coast Migration Model, the theory came to new attention in the late twentieth century, as more and more evidence of early sites along coastlines became apparent.

But there was still a hitch: the earliest sites in the New World were in South America's coastlines, dated around 15,000 years ago and located tens of thousands of miles south of the Bering Strait. Evidence seemed to show that ice blocked the passageway from Beringia to the coasts of America until 15,000 years ago: that didn't compute.

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