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"Frankenstein" Bog Mummies Discovered in Scotland

Jennifer Palmer

"Frankenstein" Bog Mummies Discovered in Scotland
Two ancient bodies made from six people, new study reveals.
Rachel Kaufman for National Geographic News July 6, 2012

In a "eureka" moment worthy of Dr. Frankenstein, scientists have discovered that two 3,000-year-old Scottish "bog bodies" are actually made from the remains of six people.

According to new isotopic dating and DNA experiments, the mummies—a male and a female—were assembled from various body parts, although the purpose of the gruesome composites is likely lost to history.

The mummies were discovered more than a decade ago below the remnants of 11th-century houses at Cladh Hallan, a prehistoric village on the island of South Uist (map), off the coast of Scotland.

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