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Award-winning soldiers’ recovery project continues to break new ground


An award-winning project using archaeology to aid the recovery of solders from The Rifles injured on Operation Herrick continues its success on Salisbury Plain.

‘Operation Nightingale’ has this week received a special award from the British Archaeological Awards in recognition of its innovative use of archaeological work to boost the recovery and career prospects of military personnel injured in Afghanistan.

This unique, and hugely successful, programme continues with investigations into the Bronze Age and Anglo-Saxon deposits at Barrow Clump. Soldiers are excavating material, including Saxon grave goods, moved by badgers that have constructed their setts on the prehistoric monument.

The solders have helped uncover the remains of a sixth century Anglo-Saxon female. ‘Davina’, as they have named the woman is believed to have died in her late teens to early 20s. She appears to have been a person of note, as she was buried in what would have been a prestigious burial site. They have also found the remains of an Anglo-Saxon male, buried with a bronze shield.

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