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RPA Member w/10+ years of Field, Lab and Admin Exp Seeking Stable/Permanent CRM Position


Greetings and salutations,

I am an experienced archaeologist and cultural resource administrator seeking stable and permanent employment in the industry. I hold a Masters Degree in archaeological Anthropology with extensive additional graduate work as well as completion of a historic preservation internship with the US National Park Service and professional regulatory training pertaining to NEPA, NHPA and a number of other specific cultural resource laws. I have experience throughout the eastern US and am proficient with several GIS platforms, analytical and database programs, and am a published lithicist and osteologist. I have won awards for my writing, and am a member of the Register of Professional Archaeologists. I am ready and willing to relocate, though looking for a position with a minimum of additional travel.

Please contact me for a list of references and a more complete resume with better formatting at 814-769-6916 or

Thanks for your time.

C. Scott Speal


328 Davenport Road, Fort Walton Beach, FL 32547






PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY           2005-2009                   Doctoral Candidate, ABD

                        Department of Anthropology, 409 Carpenter Bldg., University Park, PA 16802


SUNY - UNIVERSITY AT ALBANY               2001-2005                   M.A. in Anthropology   

                        Department of Anthropology, 1400 Washington Ave. Albany, New York 12222


UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT AUSTIN          1996- 1998                  B.A. in Anthropology  

                         Department of Anthropology, E.P. Schoch Bldg. 1.130, Austin, Texas  78712


Specialized Training


CRM:   NEPA--The Environmental Impact Analysis Process. Air Force Institute of Technology - ENV 450. Five day course detailing the provisions and implementation of the National Environmental Policy Act. Dayton OH, March 2010.

Introduction to Cultural Resource Management Laws and Regulations. Five day Navy CECOS course emphasizing National Historic Preservation Act, Section 106 and its implementing regulations, NEPA, Recording and Maintenance of Historic Properties, NAGPRA, ARPA, and federal agency planning and funding issues. St.Louis MO, July 2009.

GIS:     GeoMedia 6.1 Professional Course. Three day course taught by Intergraph. Outlined applications of GeoMedia GIS platform with emphasis on management and analytical capabilities. July 2010.

Advanced Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Using ArcView 9.x. One day National Park Service course emphasizing CRM applications. August 2009.

Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Using ArcView 9.x. One day National Park Service course emphasizing CRM applications. July 2009.


Federal Government Acquisitions:

Government Contractor Support Personnel Relationships [AQ-PK 104]. AFKN course for contractors providing overview of rules concerning differences between team members and how objectives are to be accomplished appropriately. May 2011.


                                                                                            PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE                   
                                                        Cultural Resource Management / Archaeological Administrative


            Eglin AFB, Florida                                           Jim Zeidler, Associate Director           

ArchaeologistNEPA and NHPA Compliance.  Performed environmental compliance support for large military installation as part of a team awarded best CRM office in the US Department of Defense. Analyzed undertakings for impacts to resources using MS Access cultural resource information database and Geomedia GIS system. Assisted with implementation of Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act.  Coordinated NHPA Section 106 with NEPA analysis. Wrote and reviewed environmental impact assessment documents. Provided quality control through review of contractor field reports, execution of small reconnaissance surveys, and monitoring of field projects. Reviewed assessments of eligibility for the NRHP, Recommended mitigation strategies for effects to resources. Completed small in house salvage projects involving archaeological resources and prepared reports. Prepared consultation correspondence with SHPO and several Native American tribal entities.           


June  – August 2009                            NATL PARK SERVICE / US NAVY

            US Naval Academy, Annapolis, Maryland      Lou Ann Broad, Planner      

Historic Preservation Intern. Charged with cultural resource compliance tasks including preparing Scope of Work documents for compliance with NHPA and NEPA, developed online bibliographic database of cultural resource reports, and contributed to refinement of standard operating procedures for inadvertent discovery of human remains in accord with NAGPRA. Gained experience with Section 106 review, particularly for historic buildings.


January 1998 - May 2001                    TEXAS ARCHEOLOGICAL RESEARCH LABORATORY

            University of Texas Austin, Texas.                      Thomas Hester, Director        

Senior Office Assistant. Administrative support for archaeological research and cultural resource management facility at the University of Texas. Performed electronic data entry for TexSite archaeological site file database. Assisted in editing and preparation of professional publications. Completed basic accounts payable and receivable tasks.


Archaeological Field and Lab Experience


August 2009 – December 2009             HISTORIC MOUNT VERNON PLANTATION & ESTATE

            Alexandria, Virginia                     Esther White, Director of Archaeology   

Field Supervisor. Supervised field crew of 5 plus volunteers in undertaking Phase II test excavations on site of proposed George Washington Library facility. Spatially managed survey and excavation grid using Total Data Station, Trimble GPS, AutoCAD and ArcGIS. Catalogued excavation and artifact data using Re:Discovery software.


April - May 2009                                               THE LOUIS BERGER GROUP

     Morris & Sussex Counties, NJ             Tina Fortugno, Field Supervisor         

Field Technician. Conducted Phase I surface survey and shovel testing of electrical corridor on PSE&G Susquehanna project in northern New Jersey.


March - April 2009                                     MACTEC ENGINEERING & CONSULTING, INC.

            Salem County, New Jersey                  Steve Cole, Principal                    

Field Technician. Conducted Phase I surface survey and shovel testing of access road right-of way for PSE&G Salem-Hope Creek Nuclear Power Facility in coastal southern New Jersey.

2003 - 2008                                                 VIMINACIUM ARCHAEOLOGICAL PROJECT

            Stari Kostolac, Serbia                   Michael Werner, Project Director         

Osteology Lab Director/Analyst. Conducted excavation, processing, analysis, and curation of human remains from Roman Period frontier city on Danube River for joint U.S.-Serbian project. Documented specimens through photography and other means. Organized and managed osteological lab facility. Procured grant funding. Managed grant budget. Prepared public exhibits. Led site tours of 50+ persons.


May-July 2002                                          ECONOMIC FOUNDATIONS OF MAYAPAN PROJECT

Yucatan, Mexico                             Directed by Dr. Marilyn Masson          (518) 442-5199

Field Survey Technician. Operated Total Data Station and GPS units in the process of mapping Late Postclassic Maya urban settlement on National Science Foundation funded project. Downloaded and processed spatial data in preparation for GIS mapping and spatial analysis.

January 1998 – May 2001                   TEXAS ARCHEOLOGICAL RESEARCH LABORATORY

            University of Texas at Austin.                      Supervised by Thomas Hester & Michael Collins.

Research Assistant/Field Technician.   Excavation and logistical support at the Gault Site, a Paleoindian open campsite in Bell County, Central Texas. Test pitting, profiling, wet screening, and artifact processing for privately-funded research project. Also handled artifact sorting and cataloging for other various sponsored contract projects and assisted with NAGPRA inventories.


September-December 2000                 CENTER FOR ARCHEOLOGICAL RESEARCH

            University of Texas-San Antonio.       Supervised by Dr. Steve Tomka & Ray Mauldin

Research Scientist Assistant III.           Field excavation and artifact processing of Early Archaic lithic scatter for Phase II testing projects in San Antonio and east Texas near Paris. Contract related lithic debitage analysis of burned rock middens from Brown County in Central Texas.


April – May 2000                                BHE ENVIRONMENTAL, INC.

             Cincinnati, Ohio       Supervised by Jorge Garcia Herreros.

Field Technician. Phase I survey of 52 mile right-of-way for AT&T fiber optic cable in central Georgia. Pedestrian survey, shovel testing, lithic illustration.


November -- December 1999             HICKS & COMPANY

1504 W. 5th Street, Austin, Texas.                   Supervised by James Karbula.

Field Technician. Computer Sciences Corporation “Guytown” Project. Assisted in excavation of Historic (19th-Early 20th Century) vice district in downtown Austin, Texas.


July 1999                                      NORTHERN BELIZE COAST ARCHAEOLOGICAL PROJECT

            Cabbage Ridge Plantation. Corozal District, Belize. Directed by Dr. Shirley Mock.

Lab Director/Lithic Analyst. Received, catalogued and documented artifacts for FAMSI funded project investigating Late to Terminal Classic Maya coastal settlement in Central America. Also conducted analysis of lithic tools and debitage.



            Rio Bravo Research Station, Orange Walk Dist, Belize. Directed by Dr. Fred Valdez, UT-Austin.

Lab Coordinator/Lab Director/Excavation Supervisor. Organized and oversaw field lab operations. Assisted with various survey and excavation projects investigating Classic Maya settlement utilizing Total Data Station and pace-and-compass techniques.

Classroom Instruction


2011 – present     Substitute Instructor.               Okaloosa County School District.

Taught social studies and general science to secondary and middle school students on an on-call basis at various local public schools.   


2005 – 2008    Teaching Assistant/Instructor.      Dept. of Anthropology, Penn State University

Prepared and directed discussion sections for large introductory classes.

Courses: ANTH 011 Intro to North American Archaeology (online course), ANTH 002 Introduction to Archaeology, ANTH 021 Intro to Biological Anthropology


2003 – 2005    Teaching Assistant.                  Dept of Anthropology, SUNY—University at Albany

Prepared and directed discussion sections, lectured, and assisted in the preparation of tests for large, lower level undergraduate classes, as well as smaller lab sections.

Courses: ANT 104 Introduction to Archaeology, ANT 110 Introduction to Human Evolution, ANT 413 Functional Anatomy of the Human Skeleton, ANT 233 Aztec, Inca, Maya



                                        Select Peer-reviewed Journal Articles and Edited Volume Chapters

2012    Economic Vocabulary in the Prehistory of the Mayan Language Family: An Etymological Study. Submitted to Ancient Mesoamerica (under review).

2009    “The Economic Geography of Chert Lithic Production in the Southern Maya Lowlands: A Comparative Examination of Early Stage Reduction Debris.” Latin American Antiquity 20(1):91-125.

2006    “Postmortem Skeletal Modifications of the Pre-Columbian North American Mid-continent”. In Skull Collection, Modification, and Decoration, edited by Michelle Bonogofsky. British Archaeological Reports No. 1539. Archaeopress: Oxford UK.

2006    “The Social Implications of Younge Complex Mortuary Ritual: A Survey of Post-mortem Skeletal Modifications from Riviere au Vase, Michigan” Archaeology of Eastern North America 34:1-28.

2006    “Regional Economic Integration in the Coastal Maya Lowlands: The Lithic Assemblage of Saktunha, Belize” Lithic Technology 31(1):3-26.


                                                    Other Edited Journal Articles and Book Chapters

2009    “Killed by the Arrow: Grave No. 152 from Viminacium” [co-authored with Snezena Golubovic, and Nemana Mrdjic] in Waffen in Aktion: Akten der 16. Internationalen Roman Military Equipment Conference, by Alexandra W. Busch and Hans-Joachim Schalles (eds.). Mainz am Rhein: von Zabern.

2008    “Evaluating Intercostal Variability in Sternal Rib Ends for Purposes of Skeletal Aging” in Arheologija i Prirodne Nauke / Archaeology and Science 3:31-36.


                                                    Select Technical Reports and Compliance Documents

2011    Osteological Remains—Mona Terrace. Appendix C in Phase II Site Evaluation Study (Intensive Survey), Program Year 2009 OPRHP 06PR05937PIN 1756.61, Delaware Avenue Road Rehabilitation Project, Thruway Bridge to Holland/Morton Avenue, City of Albany, Albany County, New York. Report on file with New York SHPO, Albany, New York.

2011    Monitoring at 8OK898 / Eglin Federal Prison Camp: Demolition of Buildings 581, 588, and 591at Eglin AFB, Okaloosa County, Florida [co-authored with Catherine Nolan]. Report on file at Eglin AFB Cultural Resources Office (96th CEG/CEVSH), Florida.

2010    Assault Airstrip Environmental Assessment, RCS 09-783 [Contributor]. NEPA Document prepared for 46th Mgmt. Squadron of the Air Armament Center, USAF. Submitted for public review to Florida Clearinghouse by 96th Civil Engineering Group, Eglin AFB, Florida.

2002        “GPS Mapping of Features within the Muralla” with Timothy S. Hare and Travis Ormsby. In Foundations of Economic Power of Mayapan: Mayapan Project—2002 Season, edited by Marilyn A. Masson, Carlos Peraza Lope and Timothy S. Hare. Institute of Mesoamerican Studies, SUNY-University at Albany.

2000    “Lithic Material from the 1999 Field Season of the NBCP” in A View from the Lagoons Late Maya Classic–Postclassic Settlement on the Northern Belize Coast.  Northern Belize Coast Project Interim Report, edited by Dr. Shirley Mock, ITC: University of Texas San Antonio.

                                                                        Invited Papers and Lectures

“Beyond Belize: Economic Geography through Comparative Lithic Data” – Paper presented at the symposium Rocking Belize: New Approaches to Lithic Analysis at Maya Sites, 73rd Annual Meeting of the Society for American Archaeology: Vancouver, Canada – March 2008

“Origins and Function of Woodland Period Cranial Modifications in the Great Lakes Region of North America” - Paper presented at the symposium Skull Collection, Decoration and Modification of the 11th Annual Meeting of the European Association of Archaeologists: Cork, Ireland - September 2005.


Contributed Presentations at Professional Meetings


                       “Towards Development of Osteological Research Collections in Serbia: The Value         of Iron Age Graves in Kostolac.” Poster presented at the 13th Annual Meeting of the    European Association of Archaeologists: Zadar, Croatia—September 2007

“Skeletal Aging from the Sternal Rib: Intercostal Consistency in a Late Antique Provincial Roman Assemblage” Poster presented at the 72nd Meeting of the Society for American Archaeology: Austin, Texas – April 2007

 “Assessing Individual Variability among Sternal Rib Ends for the Purpose of Skeletal Aging: Intercostal Consistency in an Archaeological Assemblage.” Poster presented at the 76th Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists: Philadelphia PA – March 2007.

“The Economic Geography of Early-Stage Lithic Reduction in the Southern Maya Lowlands: Quantitatively Assessing Economic Integration at Multiple Scales.” Poster presented at the 71st Annual Meeting of the Society for American Archaeology: San Juan, Puerto Rico – April 2006

“Death and Society in Wawyachtenok: Post-mortem Skeletal Modifications at Riviere Au Vase, Michigan.” Paper presented at the 69th Annual Meeting of the Society of American Archaeology: Montreal, Quebec - April 2004.

“Economic Integration and Regional Exchange in the Coastal Maya Lowlands: Early Stage Lithic Reduction and Imports of Raw Material at Cabbage Ridge Belize.” Paper presented at the 68th Annual Meeting of the Society for American Archaeology: Milwaukee, Wisconsin - April 2003.

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VSC is seeking a FT Principal Archaeologist Investigator for WSMR (Las Cruces NM area). This is a MON-FRI position with no weekends or holidays required.  All Principal Investigators must meet the qualifications for Archaeologists contained in the Secretary of the Interior Standards and Guidelines for Archaeology and Historic Preservation (48 FR 44720-44726) OR the New Mexico Administrative Code Qualification for Archaeological, This states that the individual must have a graduate degree in archaeology or anthropology and a minimum of 30 months of full-time professional experience. White Sands Missile Range (WSMR) has the need to complete analysis and documentation for cultural surveys in order to comply with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) of 1969 as amended and Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA) of 1966. Phase II testing may be required on those sites that need more detailed analysis to assess their National Register eligibility status. Work will comply with WSMR Archaeological Standards and Procedures, Installation Cultural Resources Management Plan and the Integrated Natural Resources Management Plan.  Candidates should submit a resume and cover letter that reflects relevant experience to  This is an urgent fill position.


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