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Archeologists Dig In Downtown Boise

Jennifer Palmer

Archeologists Dig In Downtown Boise

An archeological dig in downtown Boise is unearthing scores of artifacts from a 19th century family. What was trash in the past is now treasure for local history lovers.

A group of archeology students and experienced volunteers scratch in the dirt next to one of Boise’s oldest standing buildings. One of them stops, excited by what she’s found. She shows her find to dig director Mark Warner. He’s excited too and wants to see it in the sunlight. They step out of the shade and Warner rubs the dirt off a chunk of glass as long as his thumb and twice as big around.

“What we’ve just found is a fragment of a cobalt blue bottle that says & Hitchcock company,” he says. “We don’t have the whole thing, W York which is presumably New York and then it says menthol ice.”

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