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Undecided high school graduate in need of advice


Hi, my name is Morgan. I graduated from high school this year, and I am in dire need of some help in deciding my career path. I am truly fascinated by Archaeology, and have been since I was a child. Though, I have a feeling I may have glorified the profession in my mind, and I was hoping to find some answers:

  • What is it truly like to be an Archaeologist? (experiences, lifestyle, salary, etc.)
  • What are the different positions available in this field?
  • What schools are recommended to someone pursuing this career?
  • What does the process entail in becoming an Archaeologist?
Any advice or answers would be greatly appreciated! 

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Hi Morgan,

The answers to all your questions and a whole lot more can be found in the threads of past discussions. You'll find advice from a wide range of people - beginners to old timers - that taken as a whole, should give you the info you need to make a good decision. And even with all that, you may still decide to become an archaeologist (just kidding!). Seriously, the past discussions threads here are one of the best resources for getting a clear picture of the field.

Good luck!

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Generally starting out as an archaeologist there is a lot of traveling. Motels, jobs are short term. But, most do pay per diem (food and/or lodging). There are some parts of the country where there is a lot of CRM work on large military bases like Fort Bliss which provides stable employment. You need to like the outdoors and be in decent physical shape. Most jobs in CRM wiill be survey (lookiing for sites) occassionally mitigating sites.

Government jobs are usually more stable. Check out and search under series 0193 or 0102. That will give you an idea and job duties, qualifications etc. To move in the long run plan on going for your Master's. Get some field experience before you go.
On the schools I would look for a region you are interested working in for example: American Southwest. The jobs outlook goes up and down and at the very least a BA will get you employment in other organizations not directly related.

Good Luck
Mary Ann

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Jennifer Palmer

Morgan, here are some suggested tags to look through for pertinent messages on Click on each tag below to bring up all messages with that tag.

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You can also look through others in the following message to help wade through the website:

Hope this helps. Good luck!



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