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Low Cost Drones, Potentially Useful for Archaeology


Hi everyone. Forgive me for barging in with a product-related discussion but I think what my company offers may be of use to some users in this forum and, if not, I'd be interested to know what would be useful.

I run a company called Event 38 Unmanned Technology which sells small drones (UAVs, UAS, flying robots) which are used for mapping - usually for agriculture. What I'm doing that's different is leveraging the lower costs of regular R/C equipment like you might fly for fun and combining it with a strong open source project called Arduplane to make a really low cost vehicle for taking aerial photos. Combined with a little post-processing the photos are turning out to be very useful for some groups and I'm wondering if they can be similarly useful in the Archaeology community.

The platform we sell is called the E382. Its wingspan is about 5.5 feet and it weighs just over 4 pounds when ready to fly. Flight times are up to about 50 minutes and in that time about 500 acres can be mapped in 3D at <10cm resolution. I suspect it may be more useful to those searching a large area for something rather than those trying to get cm resolution gps coordinates on a point within a dig site. I'm not very familiar with the work though which is why I'm hoping to get some feedback from the experts here.

I've pasted a few snapshots below of what the images look like after post-processing.

Measuring a trail:

Surface Map:

3d View of Terrain:

I appreciate any input or feedback. Thank you!


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