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CA Archaeologist/Human Osteologist Seeking Employment




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A challenging position in the field of anthropology and archaeology.


Human osteology; prehistoric archaeology; historic archaeology; archival research, including record searches; site testing; site monitoring; survey; repatriation and curation; lab work and management.


RPA certified.

HAZWOPER 40 hour trained and certified.

Extensive knowledge in the identification of human remains, handling and cataloging.

Experience and knowledge in the identification of historical artifacts.

Seven seasons of field experience excavating and survey.

Monitoring construction sites.

Proficient with identifying and excavating artifacts and features.

Familiarity with radiographic identification.

Three years total experience working in a cultural resource lab both in San Diego and New Mexico.

Skilled at labeling and inventorying artifacts.

Experience with archival research.

Experience using both S.P.S.S. 13.0 and Fordisc 3.0.

Advanced skill level with MS Office, Word, Excel, and Power Point.

Strong communication skills, both written and verbal.

Effective multitasking and time management skills.

Ability to research and analyze data.


Field Archaeologist, ECORP Consulting Inc., Sun Edison Solar Project, Edwards Airforce Base, Lancaster, California

May 7-July 13, 2012

Performed Phase II pedestrian survey. Recorded new sites and updated pre-existing sites.

Edited and wrote new site records for the new sites found during survey.

Entered artifact information into database.

Field Archaeoligist, ECORP Consulting Inc., Stateline Solar Farm Project, First Solar, Primm, Nevada

April 23-27, 2012

Performed Phase II site testing prehistoric sites.

Dug five 50cm x 50cm shovel test units.

Screened for subsurface aritfacts.

Noted, but did not collect artifacts discovered in-situ or through screening.

Recorded previously recorded sites in more specific detail.

Field Archaeologist, Applied Earthworks/URS/SWCA, Alameda Corridor Extension

San Gabriel Trench Project, San Gabriel Mission

Decmeber 14, 2011-March 23, 2012

Performed Phase III excavations of 1X1 meter units.

Recorded and mapped any features or noteworthy artifacts found in-situ.

Screened and identified artifacts, prehistoric, mission era, and 20th century, on site.

Sorted, identified, weighed, and counted different types of mission era building material.

Field Archaeologist, BCR Consulting, Record Search, San Bernadino County Information Center

November 30, 2011

Performed extensive record search for MorongoValley area.

Field Archaeologist, BCR Consulting, Temecula Valley Creek Inn Project

November 8-14, 2011

Performed Phase II pedestrian survey. Recorded new sites and noted pre-existing sites.

Field Archaeologist, Applied Earthworks, Maricopa Sun Project

October 17-24, 2011

Performed Phase II pedestrian survey for Maricopa Sun Project. Recorded new sites and pre- existing sites

Field Archaeologist, AECOM, Long Beach Courthouse

August 6, 2011

Salvage excavation performed in downtown Long Beach at the site of the old courthouse.

Features of outhouses and historic refuse deposits identified.

Data recovery performed thru the excavation of 1X1 meter units.

All features and artifacts were properly recorded.

Human Osteologist/Field Archaeologist AECOM, Topanga Canyon Library Project LAN-8

July 19, 2011-August 5, 2011

Performed osteological identification in the field.

Identified and separated human bone from faunal bone.

Data recovery performed through the excavation of 1X1 meter test units.

All 10cm arbitrary levels were recorded and photographed.

Assisted in wet screening and dry screening matrix.

Sorted through screened materials for artifacts and bone.

Monitored construction activities occurring in the vicinity of excavation area.

Field Archaeologist, AECOM, Ontario, CA.

June 23-28, 2011

Record search completed at the San Bernadino County Museum Archaeological Information Center,

which included 30 different quadrants for Southern California Edison.

Quadrant information was gathered and organinzed in Access database.

All maps were digitized in ArcGIS.

Field Archaeologist, AECOM, Tehachapi, CA.

May 16, 2011-June 9, 2011

Phase II pedestrian survey for Pahnamid Wind Energy Project.

Field Archaeologist, Monitor, Applied Earthworks, Pico Rivera, CA.

December 16, 2009-March 30, 2011

Site monitor for Sully Miller Construction Company, San Gabriel Basin project. Wrote final site monitoring report.

Field Archaeologist, ECORP Consulting, Inc. Environmental Consultants

Edward's Airforce Base, Lancaster, CA

November 2-December 10, 2009

Phase III pedestrian in-fill survey, as well as historic site testing.

Field Archaeologist, ECORP Consulting, Inc. Environmental Consultants

Edward's Airforce Base, Lancaster, CA

March 23-April 7, 2009 May 4-18, 2009

Phase II test excavation for both prehistoric and historic sites. Which includes: shovel test pits,

1x1 m test units, surface collection, surface scrape units, and surface recordation units.

Site updates.

Field Archaeologist, ECORP Consulting, Inc. Environmental Consultants

Southern California Edison Transmission Line Project

Kernville, CA.

April 27-30, 2009

Phase III pedestrian survey along the Kern River for SCE fiber optic pole line.

Record search at both California State University Bakersfield Information Center and

Kernville Forrest Service Ranger Station.

Field Archaeologist, KP Environmental LLC, Desert Southwest Transmission Line Project

January 26-29, 2009 February 9-12, 2009

Provided Class III pedestrian survey (archaeological as well as environmental/biological) services for the Desert Southwest Transmission Line Project.

Human Osteologist/Lab Technician, Statistical Research Inc, Playa Vista Project, Playa del Rey, CA.

March 2008-September 2008, November 4, 2008-December 8, 2008

Identify and separate human remains from faunal remains.

Identify and inventory artifacts.

Preparation of items (both osteological and artifacts) for curation and repatriation.

When necessary, perform osteological analysis.

Work with proprietary software for inventory and analysis purposes.

Prepare data for tracking purposes.

Creating deerskin bundles for ceremonial reburial.

Monitoring reburial site.

Participated in the process of reburial.

Place items to be reburied onto pallets to send out to the reburial site.

Reburial of all burial items at the site.

Lab Technician, New Mexico Highlands University Cultural Resource Lab, Las Vegas, NM.

Fall & Spring Semester 2004-2005, Summer 2006, Fall & Spring Semester 2006-2007

Identify and clean bones from the Science Building (faunal and human bone).

Identify and clean artifacts from several different field seasons and sites.

Catalog artifacts according to field season year, site, level found, artifact type, number of artifacts, and weight.

Site report writing.

Helped put together exhibit for Donelly Library.

Re-bag and label artifacts.

Enter data into computer database.

Graduate Assistant, New Mexico Highlands University Department of Anthropology, Las Vegas, NM

August 2005-May 2006

Tracked class attendance.

Graded quizzes.

Organized grades of quizzes and papers.

Gave make-up quizzes.

Special guest lecture on bone trauma for forensic anthropology class.

Archivist/Field Archaeologist, Centennial Park Project Northern Research Group Inc. Las Vegas, NM

August 2005-May 2006

Archival research.

IRB/IEC (Institutional Review board/Independent Ethics Committee) application and approval.

Set-up of site.

Land surveying and mapping of site area.


Field Archaeologist, Baca Valley Phone Company Survey: Des Moine-Folsom, Northern Research Group Inc., Las Vegas, NM.

November 8 & December 8, 2005

Surveyed along stretch of highway between Des Moine and Folsom.

Walked transects.

Mapped in possible historic artifacts.

1 possible site mapped: rock ring feature.

Field Archaeologist, Wagon Mound Landfill Survey, Northern Research Group Inc., Las Vegas, NM

September 3-5, 2005

Walked transects.

Mapped in possible historic artifacts.

Surveyed 100 acre field.

Mapped 2 possible sites: historic trash dump, and possible homestead.

Field Archaeologist, Turner Ranch Project, New Mexico Highlands University Archaeological Field School, Las Vegas, NM

Summer 2005

Chose areas to set-up 1x1 meter units.

Mapped rock ring features.

Set-up units and labeled each according to bearing from datum points.

Screened and sorted each level.

Recorded artifacts and/or features found at each level through level sheets, feature forms, field journals, and photographs.

Bagged, labeled, and sorted artifacts recovered.

Field Archaeologist, NMHU Centennial Park Archaeological Project, Northern Research Group Inc., Las Vegas, NM

September 26-29, 2004

Set-up 1x1 meter test unit.

Screened and sorted each 5cm. Level.

Recorded artifacts and features found at each level through mapping.

Bagged, labeled, and sorted artifacts as they were recovered.

Cashier, Borders-Books and Music, Torrance, CA.

December 2003-August 2004

Handled sales, returns, exchanges and communications to customers.

Trained new cashiers.

Assisted in the preparation and set-up of displays for special events.

Performed re-stocking and inventory duties as needed.

Assisted in general maintenance of store.

Field Archaeologist, San Diego State University Archaeological Field School Lost Valley Boy Scout Reservation– San Diego County, CA

May 29-June 28, 2002 June 2-June 28, 2003

Conducted surface surveys of possible sites.

Set-up of north, south, east, and west datum points in the chosen site: CA SDI 2506 Bog Site.

Chose areas to set-up with 2x2 meter units.

Set-up units and labeled each according to bearing from datum points.

Screened and sorted each level.

Recorded artifacts and/or features found at each level through level sheets, feature forms, field journals and photographs.

Excavated features and a cremation.

Bagged, labeled, and sorted artifacts found.

Completed four 2x2 meter units, an STP (shovel test pit), and three 1x2 meter trenches.

Mapped site using plane table, aledaide, and stadia rod.

Bookseller, Barnes & Noble Booksellers, Torrance, CA

September 2002-May 2003

Prepared new store in Torrance for opening.

Assisted customers with selection and the ordering of books, as well as answering any questions.

Handled sales, returns, and exchanges.

Re-shelved books and stocked magazine section with most current selections.

Set-up newsstand daily.

Performed proper store opening and closing procedures as assigned.

Lab Assistant, SDSU Archaeology Lab, San Diego, CA

September 2001-June 2002

Identified and cleaned artifacts from several different field seasons.

Cataloged artifacts according to field season year, site, level found, artifact type, number artifacts, weight, and artifact composition.

Re-bagged and label artifacts.

Entered data into computer database.

Student Assistant, SDSU Library Acquisitions/Cataloging Department, San Diego, CA

February – June 2001

Prepared and targeted journals and periodicals for distribution.

Handled shipping and receiving of books.

Used library computer system for tracking orders.

Used related computer applications for student research book requests.

Utilized proper library procedures for handling book orders and requests.

Maintained filing for library departments.

Library Page, City of Torrance Library – Civic Center, Torrance, CA.

September 1999 – June 2000

Shelved and arranged books in assigned sections.

Assisted library patrons at the checkout desk.

Updated patrons’ records and renewed cards.

Organized books in their sections according to standardized library procedures, i.e., Dewey Decimal System.

Discharged books from book drops and front desk.

Used library computer system for book returns from local branches.

Office Manager Assistant, State Farm Insurance Agency, Torrance, CA.

August 1997-March 1998

Assisted clients with accident reports.

Reviewed policies for accuracy and completion.

Forwarded completed policies to the main office.

Routinely made use of modern office equipment, such as fax, computer, etc.

Recorded premium payments in computerized system.

Filed and recorded applications properly.

Handled incoming phone calls and messages.

Handled routine office chores such as filing and typing.


March 2009

Member of Society for California Archaeologists (SCA).

August 2008 Registry of Professional Archaeologists (RPA) certification.

M.A. Southwestern Studies, emphasis in Anthropology, New Mexico Highlands University (Sexing the Human Clavicle—An analysis of the Valmora Radiographs), 2008.

B.A. Anthropology, San Diego State University, San Diego, 2002.

A.A El Camino Community College, Torrance, 2000

November 11 & 12, 2005 New Mexico Historic Archaeology Council

Museum Hill, Santa Fe, NM

Workshop & Symposium

Presentations and lectures.

Certification from council for 12 hours of participation.

Certification from Bureau of Land Management for 3 field sessions.


M. Colleen Hamilton, MA, RPA, Historical Division Manager, Senior Historical Archaeologist, Applied Earthworks, Inc. (951) 766-2000

Josh Smallwood, MA, RPA, Historical Architect/Archaeologist, PD, Applied Earthworks, Inc.. (760) 419-0092

Jennifer Howard, MA, RPA, Field Director, ECORP Consulting Inc. (847) 533-3562

Bettina Kurues Principal Investigator, Turner Ranch Project, NMHU (480) 518-7321

Denise Cucurny, PhD. Associate Professor, California State University at Long Beach (562) 985-5172

Mario J. Gonzales, PhD Assistant Professor, New Mexico Highlands University (505) 454-3546

Ramona Perez, PhD. Associate Professor, San Diego State University (619) 594-1155


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