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Arch. Technician - Florida - Looking for opportunities


Archaeology Technician - Survey, Excavation, and Research

Vocational Objective:
Immense experience and close training in archaeology excavation and survey who seeks to further my abilities, experience, and knowledge in archaeology activities. Thus, I am seeking quality experience in archaeological methods, working with teams of people who share the same passion and intellect in studying past cultures.

-Prime excavator and recorder in pre-historic and historic sites.
kills with researching to find particular information, whether it be soft (eJournals), hard materials, or scientific data then using such information towards presentation and/or written work.
Exceedingly proficient in utilizing computers and software: Microsoft Office.
-Knowledge in navigation - GPS or topographic.
Extensive experience in research technics, formal writing, and oral presentation towards history and archaeological gain.
-Other abilities: excellent work ethics in reliability, dependability, hard work, and aim to go above and beyond the occupational duties. 

Relative Work History:
-Grand River Institute, Grand Junction, CO - 2010
-Colorado Mesa University Tomlinson Library, Grand Junction, CO - 2007-2010

Bachelor of Arts, History - 2010 - Colorado Mesa University
-Phi Alpha Theta Honorary History Society member, media/PR coordinator.

Colorado Mesa University Archaeology Field School - 2009
-Field Methods in Archaeology and Lab: instruction in excavation, mapping, recording, GIS, navigation, and survey.

Contact information:
Anastasia Castleberry
Ph: 760-819-1737


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