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CFP: The Archaeology Channel Conference on Cultural Heritage Film

Jennifer Palmer

The Archaeology Channel

Conference on Cultural Heritage Film

8 - 10 May, 2013, University of Oregon Baker Downtown Center, Eugene, Oregon, USA


Exploring the human cultural legacy on screen!







In conjunction with our tenth annual The Archaeology Channel International Film and Video Festival, The Archaeology Channel Conference on Cultural Heritage Film will promote discussion and collaboration regarding the uses of cultural heritage film. TAC Festival and Conference will bring to Oregon the world’s best films on archaeology, ancient cultures, and the world of indigenous peoples.  You can download the registration form (PDF or Word).  You can send e-mail correspondence (inquiries or registration forms) to


Papers on applications of film (academic, cultural, practical, educational) will be considered for Conference presentation.  There will also be open discussion of Festival films.  The goals of this conference are three-fold: (1) to promote the creation, distribution and use of cultural heritage film as an influence for broad cultural awareness and understanding; (2) to bring together educators, film-makers, archaeologists, anthropologists, historians, journalists, historic preservationists, environmentalists, geographers, and others interested in cultural heritage and its connections to the natural environment; and (3) to encourage the exchange of new ideas and approaches to employ film for the common good of all humanity.

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