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North Carolina Work


Recently moved to North Carolina and was wondering what the employment situation is like (i.e. field or lab work).  If anyone has any information, I would appreciate it.

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I know for a while it was real slim.  I don't know how things have picked up recently but there is some work going on/planning.  If you are located near the RDU area, then there are quite a few companies that you could visit.  Most tend to be concentrated around the capital but there are a couple spread out.  Check out the OSA's website for a list of contractors and also the Resources section of this website.  Some of the companies might not be around anymore but its still pretty accurate.

Also, come out to the Archaeology Day/Heritage day event going on at Jordan Lake in Apex near Chapel Hill and Raleigh.  Thats a great place to meet some other professionals and see whats going on in the area.

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