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Maritime & Terrestrial RPA looking for East Coast CRM or GIS work


Rob Minford, MA, RPA

2031 Millers Mill Rd, Cooksville, MD 21723 443.326.4550





            M.P.S., Geographic Information Sciences (GIS), 2012-Present



M.A., Maritime History & Underwater Archaeology, May 2012

Thesis: For the Love of Profit: Examining Traditional Capitalism on Eagles Island, North Carolina (Directed by: Dr. Nathan Richards).



B.A., European History, May 2005

Field Experience & Skills

2013                -Sumac Creek, Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest (Phase I- 800 acres), National Forestry Service, Chatsworth, GA

2012                -Oconee National Forest (Phase I- 2,000 acres), National Forestry Service, Madison, GA, Prehistoric and Historic Site. Skills used: shovel test pits, transects, radials, lithic identification.

                        -Roth 208 Recording Project (Phase I), Dr. Susan Langley PI, Pasadena, MD, Maritime Archaeological and Historical Society (MAHS), and New Atlantic Archaeology (NAA). Crew member. Skills used: black water diving, surveying, recording (trilateration), circle searches, photography.


2011                -Eagles Island, NC (Phase I), Robert Minford PI, East Carolina University. Skills used: Photography, artifact recording, feature recording, database entry.

                        -Queen Anne’s Revenge Artifact Recovery (Phases I, II & III), Beaufort, NC, Dr. Mark Wilde-Ramsing PI, Underwater Archaeology Branch (UAB). Crew member. Skills used: black water diving, excavation, dredging, artifact screening, field conservation.

                        -Palo Pinto, TX (Phase I), Peter Campbell PI, MA, RPA, Cave Archaeology Investigation             Research Group (CAIRN). Crew member. Skills used: photography, caving, black water diving, ROV operation.


2010                -Eagles Island Terrestrial & Remote Sensing Surveys (Phase I), Dr. Nathan Richards PI, East Carolina University. Crew chief. Skills Used: Photography, feature mapping (baseline-offset), artifact recording, artifact analysis, GPS, total station mapping, remote sensing (magnetometer and side-scan sonar), remote sensing post-processing, database entry.


2009                -Bluefields Bay, Jamaica Maritime Landscape Survey (Phase I), Ben Siegel PI, MA, East Carolina University. Crew chief. Skills used: small craft recording, feature recording, circle searches.


-Cashie River Wharf and Wreck Project (Phases I, II & III), Dr. Brad Rodgers PI, East Carolina University. Crew member. Skills used: Shovel testing, dredging, artifact screening, recording (baseline-offset), theodelite mapping, planning transects, GPS, snorkel searches, circle searches, black water diving, artifact analysis, field conservation.


                        -Mars Bluff, SC and CSS Peedee Survey (Phases I, II & III), Dr. Larry Babits PI, East Carolina University. Crew member. Skills used: planning transects, shovel testing, total station mapping, excavation, black water diving, dredging, artifact screening, artifact recording, artifact analysis, field conservation, laboratory conservation, interviews, public outreach.


                        -Elizabeth City, NC Ships Graveyard Recording Project (Phase I), Dr. Nathan Richards PI, East Carolina University. Crew member. Skills used: Recording (baseline-offset), black water, photography.



                        Register of Professional Archaeologists (RPA)

AAUS Scientific Diver (with Nitrox)

                        DAN Diving & First Aid for Professional Divers

                        PADI Open Water Diver

                        Department of the Interior Certified Motorboat Operator (MOCC)

                        ArcGIS Desktop II: Tools & Functionality



2012-Present   Project Manager & GIS Specialist, New Atlantic Archaeology, FL

2010-2012       Senior Digital Archivist, East Carolina Joyner Library Digital Collections, NC
2008-2010       Teaching Assistant, Dr. Chad Ross, East Carolina University, Dept. of History
       Immigration paralegal, Rourke & Rosenberg, Pikesville, MD

2006-2007       Immigration paralegal, Maggio & Kattar, Washington, DC

2006                Researcher, National Archives, Greenbelt, MD



2013                Bulletin, Historical Society of the Lower Cape Fear, Industries of a Feather (Part II) Pending.

2012                Bulletin, Historical Society of the Lower Cape Fear, Industries of a Feather (Part I).

                        Nautical Research Journal, Vol 57. No 1., Passport Not Required Book Review

2010                Stem to Stern, The Eagles Island Ships Graveyard


2012               For the Love of Profit: Examining Traditional Capitalism on Eagles Island, North Carolina. Society for Historical Archaeology, Baltimore, MD.

2011               North Carolina Maritime History Conference, Wilmington, NC.

2010               Eagles Island as Maritime Entrepôt: Interpreting Success and Failure in a Cape Fear Cultural Landscape, North Carolina. Eagles Island Coalition Group. Eagles Island, NC.


Computer Programs, Hardware, and Skills


                        Rhino Marine, CAD                           Microsoft Word

                        Adobe Illustrator                                Microsoft Excel

                        Arc GIS                                              Microsoft Power Point

                        Topcon Total Station                          Marine Sonics Side-Scan Sonar

                        Cesium Vapor Magnetometer             Hypack

                        SonarWiz 4                                         Zero-Visibility Diving


Professional & Avocational Organizations


2012-Present   Register of Professional Archaeologists

                        Maryland Maritime Archaeological Program

                        Maritime Archaeological & Historical Society

2009-2012       Phi Alpha Theta, History Honors Society, East Carolina University

2008-Present   Society for Historical Archaeology

                        Maritime Studies Association, East Carolina University

2007-2008       Archaeological Society of Maryland


Academic Appointments & Internships


2010                Historical Intern, United States Coast Guard Historian’s Office, Washington DC

2009-2011       Judge, North Carolina Regional History Day



Dr. Nathan Richards, East Carolina University. Thesis Adviser.

Email:, Phone: 252.328.1968


Dr. Chad Ross, East Carolina University. Graduate Assistant Supervisor.

Email:, Phone: 252.328.6089

Dr. Larry Babits, East Carolina University. Director of the Maritime Archaeology Program (ret).
Email:, Phone: 252.412.3023

Joe Barricella, East Carolina University. Digital Collections Supervisor.

Email:, Phone: 252.328.2760


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