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Kim Komando link to Pyramids at Giza interactive site


I downloaded this this morning. VERY COOL!

Explore the Great Pyramids

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The Great Pyramids of Giza are astonishing achievements. For over 3,800 years, the main pyramid in the complex was the tallest man-made structure in the world. And it's the only ancient wonder of the world that's still mostly intact.

It's easy to forget that these massive monuments were standing almost 2,500 years before Cleopatra was even born! Since then, they've suffered erosion, looting and the long decay of time.


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The only way you can explore these landmarks as they once stood is through faithful 3D recreations such as Giza 3D. You can take a journey through the Giza Plateau right from your Web browser.

Either let your curiosity lead you or travel with a virtual archaeologist guide. Check the system requirements to make sure your computer can run the tour. You'll also need to download the 3DVIA Player plug-in. Go ahead, it's OK!


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