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Have you ever had haunting experiences at old sites?
Some folks don't believe in this type of thing or are not in tune to experience it.

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I haven't personally but I have worked at a site in Alabama where a lot of the crew were having nightmares.  A lot of burials unfortunately.  IDK if this is spooky or weird but many people would talk to them as they worked, myself included. . 8-)

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Jennifer Palmer

I worked on one cemetery excavation project where some of the crew had odd experiences (including nightmares). One of the crew said that he heard continued whispering in his ear in a foreign language during a particular burial excavation. I worked in a lab on site for awhile and would always see flashes of light in the rooms and hallways (not everyone saw them, but I know there were at least a few who did).

I've personally had more experiences in old houses rather than on project sites. Was just in a mid 1700s house yesterday that felt "occupied" for sure. Glad I wasn't by

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Many years ago, while working on a Mohawk village site - one day as the crew approached the site we found something very strange on the path.  A field mouse and a bird (perhpas a sandpiper?) locked in a death grip.  both were dead, but they were belly to belly and looked as if they had been struggling when they died.  We knew that some local collectors were not happy we were working on "their" site and had other instance of intentional mischief (for example -post mold stakes pulled over night, sharpened on both ends and stuck in the ground at site entrance with points up as in militay defensive works) so we just chalked the mouse/bird incident up to more of that.  However,that afternoon excavators found an effigy pipe laying with the face down into the soil.  When we were finally ready to remove the pipe from the ground and turned it around to see the effigy, it was identical to the bird found with the mouse.  Needless to say, that spooked a few people who started to wonder if there was another, perhaps spiritual, explanation for the morning's find.

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Friend of mine told me spooky tale about how she was camping out at Chaco some years back, getting really baked one evening. That night she had a dream about a dead Indian girl glaring down at her, she said it felt like it was real, she thought she was awake, and that "this girl hated me." Apparently she was moaning and thrashing in her sleep and her friends had to work hard to wake her up.     

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Interesting stories. I think most folks are just not aware of their surroundings and just write most things off as a bump in the night, afraid to admit to a curiosity, or think they are above such


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