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MINTURNAE: Field opportunity to uncover the secrets of the Roman City


The Ager Minturnae Project is an innovative training opportunity through both archaeological excavation and conservation activities on site, organized by heritage professionals with extensive international experience. The Project in made in collaboration with Soprintendenza per i Beni Archeologici del Lazio and it is a fascinating chance to carry out research activities within the archaeological site of Minturnae (Minturno, Lazio -Italy), a Roman city founded more than 2200 years ago, by assisting with the conservation of ancient floors, walls and artifacts, in parallel to excavation.
The Project is open to both Italian and international university students of archaeology, archaeological survey, art history and cultural heritage conservation.
At the end of each work session, participants will receive a certificate  signed by the Site Director, which can be used to obtain extra credit for their university courses.Winter campaign will start  january-7-2013. INFO/ INQUIRIES please post here
and visit or contact us
Dr. Gianmatteo Matullo
AMP Archaeological Research Coordinator 
mobile +39 3394031227


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