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Rock head found in central North Carolina



I am not an archaeologist, but rather an inquiring layperson who has had an interesting artifact in her family for years. Around 60 years ago my grandfather found an old rock head buried on his grandmother's farm in central North Carolina (around the Greensboro area). There are very distinct facial carvings; however, the work is crude. I do not have a picture of the face at this time, but have found that it looks most similar to the stone head at this link: I do want to clarify that what my grandfather has is only a head with a face similar to the one in this picture. There are no headdresses, tassels, etc. on our head. I would estimate that the head is also around 16 inches in circumference and about eight to ten inches high. 

If anyone has any information on the history of this head we would greatly appreciate it. Were there any communities that lived in the Greensboro area that had a history of carving stone heads?

Thank you!

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Hi anrobins,

We really need a picture of the item in question to make any kind of useful remarks about it.

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Okay, I will work on getting a picture. Thank you!


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