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Marine Archaeologist - TZajonc


There's a 10/25/2012 posting for a deepwater marine archaeologist by a TZajonc.  The posting lacks a lot of basic details, including the company for whom the work would be conducted.  The generic submission email is  Requests for more information to this email go unanswered.  While there's no way to tell for sure the source of this posting, there is a Taylor Zajonc on LinkedIn who is a former employee of treasure-hunting firm Odyssey Marine Exploration.  No comment on working for Odyssey, but please talk to an archaeology professor or a respected professional archaeologist before accepting a position with them.  One also has to wonder about a company that solicits applications while apparently hiding its identity.  Do you really want to hand your personal information to someone hiding in a dark alley?

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Jennifer Palmer

I'm not familiar with this particular posting, but this does bring up something that is always good to keep in mind: website users have to exercise judgment about anything posted on (or anywhere on the internet, for that matter). It's up to the individual to do the research on a particular job offer, company, field school, or whatever is being offered, especially before handing over personal information. If you can't find information through your friends, colleagues and professors, posting an inquiry here on the discussion forum is certainly always an option.



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