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New fieldschool on Spanish Civil war archaeology


PROJECT: Archaeology of the battle of Oviedo. Spanish Civil War. During nearly one year, the city of Oviedo suffered one of the biggest battles of the spanish civil war. Our project in Paisano┬┤s Hill, tries to turn a trench complex into the first touristic site of the Civil War in the city.


REGION: Asturias.

AGE: Contemporany.

FIELDWORK SEASONS: 1 - 14 July & 15 - 28 July


COST: 1000 $ - Two weeks of excavations. includes: Insurance, Accommodation, Food, Transport in the region, equipment and lectures on the fieldwork speciallity, Touristic-archaeological visits, Official certificate of the ISA.

INSTITUTIONS: I.S.A. & Oviedo City Hall.

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