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Jobs For Programmers/Database Admins?


Hey all!

I hope this is not inappropriate for this forum. I apologize if it is.

Short version: are there any jobs in archaeology for a programmer/database/data analysis guru?

Long version: I love technology, history, archaeology, and being outdoors, but given the birth of my son at an early age, I needed money. :) The educational choice was clear. I went to school for Computer Science, started out as a network tech, moved into web and software development, then database administration, and have spent the last two years branching out into data analysis, report generation, data aggregation, etc. The money is good, and I do enjoy my work. A well designed database is a beautiful thing! That said, after almost a decade in IT, ultimately I don't feel fulfilled at all. I've recently begun to consider the possibility of merging some of my loves. Technology does cross all occupational boundaries after all. What I'm looking for is an archaeological role that utilizes technical abilities, particularly those of a data-oriented nature. Is there such a job?

Thank you so much for any insights!

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To answer my own question, years later: no, there are no such jobs in archaeology. There are technical specialists who interface with archaeologists for short-term projects (custom software for museums, interactive media for teaching, etc.) but it would appear that if/when any technical work is needed by archaeologists, it is out-sourced. Much of this (perhaps all of it) is financially driven. Archaeologists tend to work with smaller budgets and technical efforts tend to cost quite a bit.

Anyways, should any of you need a mobile app developer, database admin, programmer, etc. I'd be happy to volunteer for free. :)


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