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NextEngine 3D laser scanning


Hey all. We scored a NextEngine Laser scanner this year and have started to do some digital archiving. I have been in charge of running workshops for near-object laser scanning and it's pretty interesting tech.

If anyone has any questions about the NextEngine Scanner, shoot me PM.

These are some renders of our first scans. 

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That's cool. I want to do something similar, saw a workshop on 3d digitizing of artifacts in San Diego, but couldn't go. I wonder if it was the same software? I'll send Jennifer a message for a pm.

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Are you posting your workshops online?

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Dwarmour, I use NextEngine ScanStudio HD for the laser scanning. The images above were rendered in Autodesk 3dsMax. 

Sorry deshaver, I'm not currently posting my workshops online. I only conduct workshops here at App State in North Carolina. I am available for 3D archaeological visualizations (archaeological-computer animation) contract on the pretty-darn-cheap for archaeology clients. The results look good for clients, presentations, proposals, etc.

I'm wrapping up my undergraduate archaeology degree here in NC, but have over 14 years professional experience in 3D animation.

Like a lot of folks here, I am also looking for labwork/fieldwork just about anywhere ;)

Feel free to hit me up with any questions.



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