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archaeology/arch history project photos - New Jersey and Pennsylvania

Jennifer Palmer

Hi everyone. I realize it's been awhile since I shared any project photos here on I think it's too easy to forget and end up posting everything to Facebook. ;> Here are a few from recent work in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  Feel free to share any photos here in the discussion forum. It's been quiet here lately but I can tell by the numbers that there are still a lot of folks lurking!


Without a doubt fall is the best time to be in the field. The foliage is starting to die back, but unfortunately the ticks are still out there. :p

Recording a historic farmstead. This was a pretty big dairying operation.

During road repairs we had the rare opportunity to check out the saw-cut profile of a 1920s Pinchot road which underlays the modern alignment. This is architectural historian David Berg recording a profile with a 4x5 Graphic View camera w/a 90mm 5.6 Schneider lens.

A historic road culvert that was damaged in last year's Hurricane Irene. This is just down the road from the oldest standing structure in Sussex County, NJ.

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That camera is awesome!


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