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The Sanisera Field School: The Roman City and Necropolis Dig (Menorca, Spain)


In 2013, we will be excavating the Ancient Roman City and the Roman Cemetery of Sanisera. The excavation is directed by Fernando Contreras, director of the Cavalleria Ecomuseum Field Program in collaboration with other specialists in archaeology and biological anthropology.
The fieldwork runs 7 hours a day with time dedicated to both excavations, the study of human osteology by the analysis of the skeletal remains and laboratory work on roman pottery. The course is divided into two halves: The Archaeological Dig in the city of Sanisera and The Necropolis Fieldwork.
The fieldwork of the Necropolis focuses on funerary structures, specifically inhumations.  Participants will learn and apply excavation techniques used in biological anthropology when excavating tombs. Students will also participate in lectures on skeletal anatomy and pathologies, classes, exercises and excursions related to the course material. In the laboratory participants will be instructed by an anthropologist and other archaeologists in the classification, study, and conservation of human remains and other related materials found.
The archaeological dig in the Ancient Roman City focuses on Classical Archaeology and specifically on Roman archaeology. During this part of the excavation, participants will receive an intensive introduction to basic aspects of field excavation techniques following the Harris Matrix. In the lab, participants will process, classify and study excavated materials, focusing on Roman pottery.
Participants will also be given lectures on methodology, Roman archaeology, Biological anthropology and classification of archaeological materials.  Participants will visit other archaeological sites on the island through organized excursions. Courses are given in both English and Spanish. For every seven course days there are two days off.

Period(s) of Occupation: Roman

Project Size: 1-24 participants

Minimum Length of Stay for Volunteers: 20 days

Minimum Age: 18 (contact with questions about age)

Experience Required: no

Room and Board Arrangements

Participants will stay in the Ecomuseum's student residency in Ciutadella within walking distance of the historic center, port, and beaches. The residency has heating and air-conditioning, laundry service, free wifi and an outdoor terrace with views of the ocean and historic center. Ciutadella is an enchanting Mediterranean town, lively with caf├ęs and outdoor terraces hidden among narrow cobble stone streets. Transportation to and from the excavation site and organized excursions are included. Cost includes full room and board, accidental medical insurance, application fee and administrative cost. Airfare not included.

Cost: Between $1200 and $2450 per session

Contact Information 

Lana Johnson

Course Coordinator

The Sanisera Field School

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