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PA/NY Archaeology Tech seeking field or lab work


Jonah J. P. Jasienski


   Phoenixville, PA 19330
484 889 9604




2010    B.A., Anthropology, Geology minor

West Chester University, West Chester, PA

B.A. Thesis: Soapstone Quarry Tools: Analyzing the Technology


Archaeological Field Schools and Workshops


Field Survey and GPS Tracking (120 hours).

June 2009, West Chester University, Dr. Heather Wholey, Associate Professor of Anthropology.

    Using hand drawn maps over a century in age, we tracked down 120 property boundaries using historic maps, topographic maps and GoogleEarth satellite imagery. We found the current condition of previously surveyed properties by an amateur archaeologist, Harry Wilson, to still be relatively intact.  While a few locations had been destroyed through development, most were still undeveloped private farmland or even in county parkland with few significant boundary modifications. With permission, we mapped with GPS technology these properties and recorded relevant information for recording the sites with the Pennsylvania Archaeological Site Survey (including photo-documentation and accurate physical descriptions).  In a few cases where fields were in plow, we performed surface collection. The newly remapped sites are in the process of being filed with the Pennsylvania Archaeological State Survey.


Survey and Exploratory Excavation of the Christiana Soapstone Quarry (40 hours).

May 2010, West Chester University, Dr. Heather Wholey, Associate Professor of Anthropology.

    This is considered a prime location for the regional prehistoric quarrying of soapstone.  Initial survey of the property brought us to a small area with an exposed boulder in a grove of trees.  Limited excavation in five foot square units conducted in a 15’x15’ area centered at the exposure yielded numerous stone quarrying tools, including what are suspected as picks and chisels and other possible make-shift quarry implements.  We applied the Munsell soil color charts, piece plotted artifacts in the five foot square units and utilized a GPS camera and electronic total station to photo-record findings.


Professional Archaeological Experience


Archaeological Field Technician

December 2012, Supervisor: Dane Snyder, Crew Chief, URS Corp.

    A Phase I archaeological survey conducted for the placement of power lines and towers within the Poconos region of PA. This included the placement of test pits using GPS and examining the area for possible additions. The project area led to the discovery and recording of a number of historic stone walls, foundations and barns.


Archaeological Field Technician

June-December 2012, Supervisor: Kimberly Morrell, Field Director, URS.

    An extensive Phase I survey consisting of a 120 mile long area extending from Montrose, PA to Schoharie, NY. This included finding a large number of predetermined testing areas and very thorough walk overs. During which time we discovered numerous historic foundations containing a variety of materials including ceramic, white wear, square-cut nails and an 1810 dime. We also found prehistoric sites including such materials as thousands of Onondaga chert flakes, several cores, a hammer stone and a spear point. Additionally, we recorded and mapped stone walls outlining old property boundaries and stone piles of an undetermined origin.


Archaeological Field Technician

March 2011, Supervisor: Heather A. Wholey, Ph.D., WCU Associate Professor of Anthropology

The project involved Phase II archaeological field evaluation of a prehistoric and historic site in Delaware County, PA.  This consisted of setting up and excavating one meter square units in previously identified artifact concentrations. The prehistoric site contained lithic tools, including a Late Archaic point, a jasper knife and several small scrapers. The historic site produced copious amounts of animal bone, scraps of metal and shards of glass and pottery.


Volunteer Opportunities


John Milner Associates, Inc. Laboratories, West Chester, PA.

2009, Supervisor: Juliette Gearhart, Lab Manager, JMA, Inc.

Going through already archived collections, we removed artifacts whose storage containers were either old or failing. We would ensure preservation by sealing within more sturdy bags and storage boxes. We also labeled artifacts and updated forms with current tracking codes and standards according to state and national guidelines.


Professional Presentations


2011    “Soapstone Quarry Technology” Poster presented at the Annual Middle Atlantic Archaeological Conference, Ocean City, MD.


Professional References


Heather A. Wholey, Ph.D., WCU Associate Professor of Anthropology.


Kimberly Morrell, URS Field Director.


Rick Paulhamus, URS Crew Chief. 570-651-2103


Dane Snyder, URS Crew Chief. 717-919-6521


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