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Looking for winter/temporary work. Has car, willing to drive - needs lodging.


Margaret Elisabeth Klejbuk


Durham University, graduated: 2011 with honors

Durham, United Kingdom

MA Historic Archaeology 

Fordham University, graduated: 2009

Bronx, New York

Awarded annual Presidential Scholarship

BA English; BA Anthropology


Field Archaeologist, Public Archaeology Laboratory; Pawtucket, RI

August 2012 - Present
Jennifer Ort,

  • Experience in New England and New York archaeology.
  • Worked successfully on Site Analysis and Data Recovery excavations. 
  • Skills acquired: site survey and excavation, cultural material analysis, geological identifying, soil sampling, profiling and photography, feature analysis, and trained in field laboratory processing methods.

Field Archaeologist, STRATA L.L.C.; Cragsmoor, New York

March 2012 - December 2012

Jim Turner,

  • Experience in New York archaeology.
  • Worked successfully on Site Survey and Site Analysis excavations.  
  • Skills acquired: site survey and excavation, cultural material analysis, mapping, and entering data.

Photo Lab Supervisor, CVS/Pharmacy; Chester, New York

June 2009 - September 2010; November 2011 - March 2012

  • Trained team members how to use equipment in addition to verbally promoting weekly sales.
  • Designed displays and advertisements to promote up-sells of merchandise and weekly sales.
  • Was resourceful, energetic, and flexible when it came to managing department, as well as conducting all necessary front store tasks.
  • Maintained a clean, productive, and organized photography department.

Field Archaeologist V, Louis Berger Inc.; Charlottesville, Virginia

November - December 2011

Rebecca Brodeur, rbrodeur@louisberger

  • Experience in Virginia archaeology.
  • Worked successfully on a Site Survey excavation.  
  • Skills acquired: site survey and excavation and soil analysis.


Volunteer, New York State Archaeology Association; Goshen, New York

2009 - Present

  • Dedicated to weekly digs and possessed an eagerness to learn about archaeological methods.
  • Attended monthly meetings and bi-monthly public relation seminars provided by our association, which provided the public with knowledge of local history and archaeology.
  • Skills acquired: site survey and excavation, cultural material analysis, mapping, training in field laboratory processing methods, and geological identifying.

Volunteer/Student, University of Sheffield; Thornton Abbey, United Kingdom


  • Field school excavation was on a twelfth-century Augustinian monastery barn with the research focused on what happened to the property after the Dissolution.
  • Skills acquired: site analysis, mapping, planning, GIS, measuring, and training in UK field methodology.

Student Researcher, Fordham University; Bronx, New York

2009 - 2010

Professor Kimberly Consroe

  • Researched NAGPRA and assisted with simplifying the comprehension for first-year archaeology students. 


  • Task and detail orientated
  • Resourceful
  • Able to work under pressure/deadlines 
  • Independent worker
  • Written communication skills 
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Knowledgable towards Microsoft and Mac data programs


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