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Bachelor's degree in Archaeology, looking for full-time job. Willing to move/travel

Ronald Madeline

  Ronald Anthony Madeline

277 Shields Road Boardman OH, 44512

  (330) 402-2312



A Highly reliable self-starter and a recent graduate with a bachelor’s degree in anthropology, with a focus in archaeology. Possess comprehension of basic stabilization and conservation methods, inventory and cataloging of cultural resources.  Works effectively as a member of a team or independently.  A lifelong learner with demonstrated capability to grasp new ideas and concepts, as well as to develop innovative and creative solutions to problems.  Work well under pressure demonstrating high level of competence doing research with objective and systematic work habits.  High work ethic and hard working professional.


Education      Dec 2010  

Bachelor of Arts, Major: Anthropology with a focus in Archaeology;

Minor: Certificate in Geographic Information Science

Youngstown State University, Youngstown Ohio

Major GPA: 3.15


Relevant Skills

·    Write and present reports that record site history, methodology, and artifact analysis results with recommendations for conserving and interpreting findings.

·    Study objects and structures recovered by excavation to identify, date, and authenticate them and to interpret their significance.

·    Develop and test theories concerning the origin and development of past cultures.

·    Create a grid of each site and draw and update maps of unit profiles, stratum surfaces, features, and findings.

·    Record the exact locations and conditions of artifacts uncovered in diggings or surveys, using drawings and photographs as necessary.

·    Assess archaeological sites for resource management, development, or conservation purposes and recommend methods for site protection.


Archaeological Experience

Lead Investigator, San Salvador Island Bahamas     Dec 2012

·    Led crew of students in archaeological techniques of submerged areas of Storr’s Lake.

·    Continuation of last year’s survey.  Went south of established datum and took core samples in an effort to uncover any potential artifacts from the prehistoric period.


Lead Investigator, San Salvador Island Bahamas     Dec 2011

·    Led crew of students in archaeological techniques of submerged areas of Storr’s Lake.

·    Chose area of survey, established datum, and created grid within Storr’s Lake.  Took core samples with probes in order to screen sediment for artifacts to try and establish a boundary that the Lucayan Indians may have lived.


Field Assistant, Kinsman Ohio      May 2011

·    Assisted senior archaeologist in a three week outreach program at camp Sugarbush for the girl scouts of Northeast Ohio.

·    Worked with girl scouts demonstrating archaeological techniques, establishing datum, creating a north/south transect, made test units off of transects, excavated test pits.


Lead Investigator, San Salvador Island Bahamas         Dec 2009

·    Led a crew of students in archaeological techniques and excavations.

·    Chose a survey area, established datum, created transects, excavated test pits, collected artifacts, took field notes, processed artifacts in lab, and wrote a report of my findings.


Field Assistant, San Salvador Island Bahamas Dec 2008

·    Assisted senior archaeologist in excavations.

·    Established datum, created transects, excavated test pits, collected artifacts, processed artifacts in lab.


Field Assistant, Columbiana County Ohio    Apr 2008

·    Assisted senior archaeologist in an archaeological survey of Houlk Farm.

·    Performed a linear survey of an acre of land on Houlk Farm, took field notes, and collected artifacts.


Leadership and Honors Activities

Junior Achievement award, Youngstown State University (2007-2010)


Quest (2008-2009): A forum for student scholarships.  A one day event held at Youngstown State University, and open to the public. Presented results from archaeological field work done on San Salvador Island Bahamas (Excavation and Research of Storr’s Lake Archaeological Site/Archaeological Excavation and Research of North Storr’s Lake San Salvador Island: Commonwealth of the Bahamas)


President of the Anthropology Colloquium, Youngstown State University (2007-2008)


Other Work Experience

Lawn Care and Maintenance   Seasonal (April-December)

Calvary Cemetery, Youngstown Ohio  2002-Present

·    Cut grass, Landscaping, clean chapel, burials.


Manager   2009

Ianazones Pizza, Boardman Ohio        

·    Took and made orders, waited on customers, in charge of sales and money, closed restaurant.


Manager    2006-2008

Winslow’s Café, Youngstown Ohio

·    Prep Cook, Line Cook, took and made orders, made pastries, waited on customers, open and closed restaurant.


Volunteer Activities

Salvation Army, Youngstown Ohio        2006-2008

·    Rang the bell outside of businesses collecting donations during the holidays.


St. Vincent De Paul, Youngstown Ohio     2001

·    Worked the soup kitchen serving meals.


Technical Skills

Microsoft word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Arc Editor



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