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various options for receiving job postings on

Jennifer Palmer

The following has been posted as a message in the 'Jobs' forum but it is worth reposting here for folks who aren't aware of the options available to them.

There are several ways to receive daily job updates.  The first, of course, is visiting


Additionally, we have a jobs fan page on Facebook. Unfortunately there have been changes to the way our page content is displayed since FB changed to sponsored (paid) posts, and not everyone is seeing all the jobs posted there. Facebook 'remembers' your preferences in terms of fan pages so 'liking' or sharing occasional posts from the fan page there will increase the likelihood that jobs will show up in your news feed. It's not a perfect system, but many on FB still find it useful.


Job postings are available via a Twitter feed.


Postings are available as an RSS feed. You can view these in any RSS reader, and there are many free websites available to do this. (One popular option is available through Google. If you have a Google account, once you are signed in, you will see an option for 'More' on the taskbar at the top of the screen, and clicking that will bring up the RSS reader).


And additionally, jobs are available via a daily e-mail message sent to your inbox. These are sent out each morning around 7:05am EST. Very important though: if you sign up, remember to look for the confirmation e-mail to activate your subscription.


Links to daily job postings (as well as other content from the website) are also available to Google+ users who add the Google+ page to their circle:

Thanks for your support, and for visiting



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