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Archaeological Summer School Transylvania


The Archaeological Summer School is so far our largest and most important project, developed in collaboration with different Romanian institutions (Institute of Archaeology and History of Art of the Romanian Academy Cluj-Napoca, Tarisznyas Marton Museum – Gheorgheni, Valahia University – Targoviste, Satu-Mare Museum - Satu-Mare and Cris County Museum - Oradea).

The project aims to promote and protect the archaeological heritage of Transylvania (and beyond), through the involvement of volunteers in archaeological activities. At the same time, this is a great chance for us to share the experience of an archaeological adventure with other archaeology enthusiasts..  

 Place and duration: The project runs throughout the summer (May-September) and it’s being carried out in six different locations (archaeological sites) within Transylvania: Roșia-Peștera Vacii, Carei-Bobal, Pricske , Lăzarea, Bothvar, and Toplița. The minimum period of participation is 3 weeks, while the maximum period coincides with the length of the program.

In order to have a good chance to participate, applications must be submitted by May 1st.  Although this is not a definite deadline, is less likely that there will still be vacancies after this date. The minimum age for participation is 18 years. No previous experience in the field of archaeology is required in order to participate. If certificates of attendance at the field school and excavations or signed university forms are needed, we are pleased to assist.

The cost of participation is 200 euro per week. This will cover local transportation, accommodation, meals (3 meals per day) for the entire period of participation – including weekends and guidance. Groups consisting of three or more individuals will receive 10 % discount.

For more information ask for a syllabus at or visit our website:

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