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MA Applied Anthropology graduate looking for work in the Santa Cruz/Monterey area.


Jason Vega 
Mailing Address:
San Jose, CA 95123
Phone: 408.529.8726

Summary of Knowledge and Skills

  • Experience with archaeological excavation/ advanced archaeological methods/ GIS mapping systems
  • Skilled in qualitative and quantitative analysis/ green belt certified in six sigma/ evaluation methods
  • Experience in conducting sociocultural impact assessments/ land use studies/ goal oriented
  • Excellent communication and writing skills/ experience with clients and stakeholders of public and private sectors/SCUBA certified 

Work Experience 

Field Experience 

Arizona State University Legacies on the Landscape – Fall/Winter Field Season - 2006 to 2007
This project was an interdisciplinary collaboration to understand long-term anthropogenic impacts on environments within the Agua Fria National Monument in Central Arizona. My roles in this project included: mapping agricultural terraces and structures with GIS equipment, archaeological excavation, collecting, cataloging, and storing cultural resources, data entry and analysis, and collecting core soil samples.

Santa Clara County Emergency Medical Service Agency

Clinical Quality Performance Coordinator – 2012 to present.
This position involves the supervision of the quality improvement and performance coordinators for all emergency medical service (EMS) providers in the county. The responsibilities of this position include developing evidence based clinical policies and protocols, collecting, analyzing, and presenting EMS related data to stakeholders, and ensuring the regulatory compliance of EMS providers with clinical policies.

Westmed Ambulance

Paramedic/Field Training Officer – 2008 to 2012
This position involved the application of emergency medical clinical procedures to emergency situations. The responsibilities of this position included the training and supervision of new hire paramedics and emergency medical technicians, as well as the delivery of advanced life support services.


San Jose State University – San Jose, CA 2012
MA – Applied Anthropology
The focus of this degree was in organizational and spatial analysis/ empowerment evaluation/ social impact assessment/ ethnographic methods/ stakeholder advocacy/ sociocultural brokerage/ quantitative and qualitative analysis/ and anthropological research methods.

Arizona State University – Tempe, AZ 2009
BA – Human Evolution and Social Change
The focus of this degree was in functional anatomy and physiology/ osteology/ forensic anthropology/ qualitative and quantitative analysis/ evolutionary, culture – historical, functional, and processual archaeology/ and excavation methods.

West Valley College – Saratoga, CA 2005
AA – Social Sciences
The focus of this degree was in anthropology (biological, cultural, archaeological), psychology, sociology, history.


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