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Summer Field School at Hassloch Germany - Bronze Age Tumulus

Jennifer Palmer


Field School at Hassloch Germany - Multi-phase Bronze Age Tumulus Excavations  

Excavations are being conducted on the large and multi-phased tumulus called the Götzenbühl (“Idol Hill”) near the village of Hassloch. Initially built in the Late Bronze Age, the mound was re-used and reinterpreted throughout prehistory, the Roman period, and into the Middle Ages.

The next excavation season will take place in two sessions in the summer of 2013. Applications from interested participants are welcome, especially from students of archaeology, classics, history, anthropology and related fields. No prior excavation experience is necessary.

The dates for the two sessions of 2013 are June 3rd to June 26th and July 2nd to July 24th. It is possible to participate in one or both sessions.

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