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Sequestration Getting You Down? :(


anyone else feeling the effects of sequestration?  The military is saying they will run out of money to fund their public works department by March, housing environmental.  After undergrad, I had some lucrative years before the crash then getting spotty work, go back and get an MA, and now its repeating itself all over again.

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I can't wait to start competing for the limited number of jobs there will be, given the fact that federally funded projects will dry up and all those who were planning on getting FS and BLM jobs are suddenly back in the mix.

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It won't be pretty with the flood of resumes.  I wonder if wages will go down for contract positions?  I am still wondering how CEMML and other contracting entities are advertising jobs with the threat that the funding for the contracts might be pulled by spring or early summer.

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Jennifer Palmer

Keeping my fingers crossed here and hoping I have a job to come back to.

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Executed contracts can't be widthdrawn. A company like CEMML, who typically gets a yearly contract renewal for year-round program management, are guaranteed to keep funding for this year's work.

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yeah, perhaps if everything is MIPRed and being used.  I guess the question is when does your renewal cycle occur?  Jobs being advertised would still be untouched money that could be pulled right?

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The sequester, if it happens, will have little noticeable effect on CRM, if any. For example, my agency let us know a couple of weeks ago that no one will be laid off, suggesting that Section 106 compliance is seen as integral to getting vital projects done. What should be of more concern is the federal hiring freeze that will put a whole lot of people back looking for work in the private sector. The increased competition could possibly result in a lowering of wages offered.

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So far, the USFS and BLM don't seem completely doomed. I applied for a pretty large volume of GS-5 and GS-6 jobs, and interest emails have started rolling in- not as many as I'd like to see for the number of applications, certainly, but enough to make me feel better about this season. My application statuses began to change last Friday for BLM jobs; it hasn't changed for USFS ones, however, despite interest emails. Cryptic, but they're all small steps forward.

Pathways had a very small application window, perhaps to minimize competition and applicant pool size. I haven't seen any change to those postings besides closing, so we'll see what happens there.

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My agency said they wouldn't furlough anyone, but the countless temp positions that were just flown last month and cert lists pulled for are now frozen.  (I work for the USFS....we flew almost 20 positions, and all are frozen and will not be filled as of right now because the Chief mentioned our primary way of avoiding furloughs will be through a reduction in seasonal workforce).

And BLM just got their notices for furloughs starting next month (or so I was told today during a meeting).

Pathways is a bunk program depending on the agency you apply for.  Don't get me started on why Pathways is a waste of time for my don't wanna hear it!  The window was small for the Forest Service on purpose.  I haven't heard how sequestration will affect the Pathways program for my agency. 

I spoke with someone today and they said, depending on the next few weeks, it could be likely that seasonal positions, if filled at all, won't be filled for a few months.  That could change if Congress gets their act in order, but as someone who wandered my office today heard, Congress is looking to move on from what happened Friday and is now probably going to be focused on avoiding a full, complete shut down at the end of the month.  Just speculation, but no one I work with was very positive today.

Edited to add: For the record I've been a student intern at the USFS for almost two years, and I can't even get a job with my own agency....I'm heading back into the private sector soon.  If I sound bitter and disappointed, I am.  It's been a long, ugly road!

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From what I have been hearing, there is now the potential that contractors will also be furloughed along with their civilian counterparts.  That is, if their contracts are renewed at the end of their period of performance.  The particular installation I am working on wants to have lights off on the furlough days.  While I can see the benefits of this, renegotiating contracts to decrease hours and pay seems like a legal nightmare when contractors could work 10-hour days instead, but I am a peon at the bottom of the totem pole.  Again this is speculative and hear-say but could be potentially devistating to those at the lower-end of the payscale.


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