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Duryea, PA archaeological site vandalized

Jennifer Palmer


I volunteered at this site a few months ago. Makes you shake your head and wonder why people do such things... Jennifer

Duryea archaeological dig gutted

Thousands of dollars of damage done to site where artifacts from thousands of years ago have been uncovered.
JACK SMILES and JOE HEALEY, The Sunday Dispatch Feb 20


DURYEA -- An archaeological dig in the Coxton section of Duryea, which has uncovered remnants of American Indians who camped along the Susquehanna River thousands of years ago, was gutted by vandals on Sunday or Monday.

The vandals caused thousands of dollars worth of damage, John Dziak, president of the Greater Pittston Historical Society, said.

Al Pesotine, of the Frances Dorrance Chapter of the Society for Pennsylvania Archeology, said the vandals ripped the plastic off a “weather port” or greenhouse-like structure that covers the dig, broke the sifting screens, destroyed the 1-meter square grids, smashed benches and shredded the plastic covers.

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