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3D scanning, GIS, gaming and archaeology, digital public arch, etc. etc.


Last weekend was the CAAUK conference and I recorded and edited the talks and posted them online. If anyone is interested in 3D scanning, GIS, gaming and archaeology, digital public arch, etc. etc. you might find some of these talks interesting: 

Digital documentation through laser scanning of a cultural heritage site

Analysing and visualising the ceramiscene of Roman Nepi:

Practical Augmented Visualization on Handheld Devices for Cultural Heritage

Game Issues for Scholarly Discourse or for Public Understanding

Digital Outreach and the Thames Discovery Programme: What Next?

Digital Tabletops & Collaborative Learning for Archaeology

Can we share? — current status for sharing heritage data online!

SkOSifying an Archaeological Thesaurus

ADSeasy: Developing a system for data deposition

Cloud computing and Cultural Heritage IT

CAAUK Keynote: Open Archaeology

Integrating excavation and analysis on urban excavations: developing elegant methods for integrated systems and methodologies for the excavation and analysis of urban sites

The application of applications: The bump and grind of commercial archaeology

The movements of the Teuchitlán people: A testimony of regional interaction in Western Mexico

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Nice list,  I know I made the same comment on your blog but awesome work Doug!  It would be great if more conferences started doing this, or at least making a live webcast for those unfortunate enough not to make it.  It would probably defeat the purpose of paying for them at the big conferences but this could be good exposure for local/state level archaeology societies.

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Very nice :)

I have a bit of experience with advanced 3d animation and design (14+years) with a portion of that developing interactive applications in the games industry. I wish I could have made it out to that conference. I'm working on several interactive archaeological projects right now.

I will be heading out to the MAC conference ( where one of my previous instructors is sponsoring a symposium on technological applications in archaeology, including some 3d scanning, 3d printing, and so-on. It should be pretty good stuff.

If you get a chance, check it out, and thanks again for taking the time to share these talks. It's really great you did this.

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Glad you found it of use.

It is relatively easy to do and it would be great if more conferences did it. I am starting to see more and more people do it. Hopefully it catches on.


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