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Effects of Sequester on Archaeology Employment


I have been talking to the few federal archaeologists I know, and they seem to have absolutely know idea what is going to happen to their jobs let alone to those jobs that have been posted but not filled.  The future uncertainty may have led to a bit of hysteria, so I am wondering what y'all think.  Do you think all those advertised but not filled jobs are going to disappear?  What about the new pathways program? If they do disappear, will wages drop in the private sector when we all flood the market? How about the chances of even getting a private job?

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Jennifer Palmer

Hi Faunal. There has been a little bit of discussion thus far on the topic here:

It's my understanding that (unless something changes in the near future) you will see the majority of seasonal archy positions dry up, or the length of seasons potentially chopped down for some of the positions that survive. The budget cuts have to come from somewhere within each agency's departments, and if there is little else to get rid of, it makes sense that seasonal hires will be impacted. I don't have the numbers of how many this could conceivably affect but one could see how there may suddenly be a lot more folks looking for work in CRM.  I don't think the details have been worked out but it's also possible that some permanent folks may be looking at furloughs of x days per month.

I'm not sure how this will affect Pathways, but I suspect some positions will see the same fate.



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