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2nd International Summer School 2013 Archaeology in central Sicily: the prehistory of the Erei

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The archaeological company Arkeos, in collaboration with the Superintendency for Cultural Heritage and Environment of Enna, Sicily, and with the municipal councils of Pietraperzia and Villarosa, is organizing the Second International Summer School 2013 called Archaeology in central Sicily: the prehistory of the Erei. It will offer the chance for students and other enthusiasts to participate in archaeological investigations into two of the most important prehistoric settlements recently discovered in central Sicily. It is expected that there will be a range of Italian and international students and others taking part.

Led by a team of experts with much experience in Sicily and beyond, participants will have the opportunity to learn and to practise the most recent techniques of stratigraphic excavation and survey. The Summer School will also include participating in the laboratory activities of cataloguing, recording and digitizing of the prehistoric archaeological materials and all the relevant data collected during the excavations. During the course of the fieldwork members will also be able to attend a series of lectures given by leading archaeologists and other experts on important issues related to the methodological and practical aspects of the archaeology and prehistory of Sicily.

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Third season of archaeological investigations at Case Bastione (Villarosa)

The site of Case Bastione, located in the valley of the river Morello, is a large settlement dating from the Final Neolithic (4th mill. BC) to the Bronze Age (2nd mill. BC). In previous seasons a production area dating back to the Final Copper Age (2700-2300 BC) has been explored. It has revealed the oldest metal smelting furnaces so far known in Sicily, along with some huts dating to the Early Bronze Age (2300-1600BC), containing a rich collection of vases and tools used in various crafts and manufacturing.

Period of excavation

01 July to 28 July 2013

Available sessions (two weeks)

Session I: July 01-July 14, 2013

Session II: July 15 to July 28, 2013

Dates for registration: from 14 January to 31

May 2013

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Fifth season of archaeological investigations at Tornambè (Pietraperzia)

The site of Tornambè is found at the top of a steep ridge located above the valley of the Southern Imera river. It was occupied from the Final Neolithic (4th mill. BC) until the age of the ancient Greeks in Sicily (VII-V cent. BC). In previous excavations we have explored some large huts (with diameters of 8-10 m) belonging to a village dating from the Late Copper Age (2700-2300 BC), containing a rich repertoire of slipped and painted ceramic vessels, as well as numerous tombs cut into the rocky sides of the ridge.

Period of excavation

02 September to 13 October 2013

Available sessions (two weeks)

Session I: September 02 - September 15, 2013 Session II: September 16 - September 29, 2013 Session III: September 30 - October 13, 2013 Dates for registration: from 14 January to 31 May 2013

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Project directors
Dott. Enrico Giannitrapani – Arkeos Dott. Filippo Ianni – Arkeos


Restricted to a maximum of 10 people per session.

Everyone taking part in a session will receive a certificate of participation.You can sign up for more than one session if desired: for further information on costs and conditions, please contact the Summer School secretary

Summer School languages

Italian, English

Educational and scientific activities

- On the site:
Stratigraphic excavations of prehistoric deposits, survey, planning, use of a range of archaeological tools, including 3D laser scanning.

- In the lab:
Cataloguing, graphic and photographic documentation of finds, information management (database, GIS, digitization of site plans, etc.)

- Lecture classes
The full programme of lecture is being finalized and will be notified as soon as available.

Optional activities

Visits to major museums and archaeological sites in the province of Enna and in Sicily can be arranged on request for the central weekend participants are at the Summer School.

Summer School Fee

Full Option: € 250.00 per session

The fee includes: participation in all scheduled activities, educational materials, meals (breakfast, packed lunch, dinner), accommodation and local transport. It does not include: travel costs, accident and medical insurance, personal equipment, optional activities.


Payment of the appropriate fee must be made within four (4) weeks of the start of the chosen session, or participation will not be possible.

Payments can be made by international bank transfer (IBAN: IT 27 O 08 985 83 450 000 000 011 875), with the reference: Registration fee Summer School 2013; the chosen excavation and session(s) should also be given. In case of cancellation, fees paid will be refunded minus 50%.

Documents and personal belongings

On arrival at Enna, participants must submit a photocopy of a valid identification card or passport; a medical certificate of appropriate good health, and proof of accident and medical insurance. Each participant must have suitable clothing (robust shoes, long trousers, sun hat, etc.), as well as personal excavation equipment (trowel; gloves if required). We can offer advice on suitable equipment and clothing.

How to reach the Summer School
The Summer School Secretariat is situated in Enna, while the offices of the two excavations are located in the nearby towns of Villarosa and Pietraperzia.
You must arrive by the Sunday before the start of each session. The official meeting place will be the terminus of SAIS bus services at Piazza Bernini in Enna Bassa (
please let us know in plenty of time, and in any case within one week of the start of your session, your expected arrival time). From the meeting place, you will be taken to the operational headquarters of the Summer School. Departure must be later than the Saturday of the second week of each session. Enna is easily accessible by road (A19 Palermo- Catania, Enna exit) and by coach (SAIS buses: for timetables see For those coming from outside Sicily then the best airport is Catania. We can advise on travel arrangements.

Further news and details will be available after the registration deadline.

For further information and to register, please contact

Secretary of the Summer School:
c/o Arkeos, Via S. Pietro 224, 94100 Enna, Italy - -

Fax +39 (0)935-32697 - Mob: +39 333-3643403



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