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Maritime Archaeology MA seeks work on the West coast of the United States or Canada


Joshua Y. Jones

460 Scottsdale Circle 
Medford OR, USA, 97504
+1 (541) 772-3670 (Home) or +1 (541) 690-6522 (Mobile)

Areas of Professional Interest

Ancient and colonial vessels, with particular interest in Spanish and Latin American History. Public interpretation and outreach of archaeological and biological studies, with emphasis in the use of media techniques such as photography and video productions that are utilized to garnering public interest.


2012            Masters in Maritime Archaeology- Flinders University Adelaide, South Australia. Area concentrations: Public interpretation and outreach of the Iron Age Phoenician shipwreck in Bajo de la Campana, Spain; screen studies with focus in underwater video.  Chairperson: Dr. Wendy VanDuivenvoorde.


2009            BS Marine Biology- Roger Williams University, Rhode Island. Area concentrations: Biological training in particular scientific SCUBA dive training, biological surveying and sampling; population density, dietary preferences and growth of Octopus macropus in Bermuda.


2009            BA Spanish Foreign Language- Roger Williams University, Rhode Island. Area Concentrations: Latin American culture with particular focus on Mayan folklore, literature and history; Coffee production, cultivation and sale within Guatemala with particular focus on biological impacts.


2009            Minor Environmental Science- Roger Williams University, Rhode Island. Area concentrations: Weather and Geophysical patterns; Evolutionary adaptations within marine animals.


Field Projects and Volunteer Work

2012            Block Island Maritime Institute, Rhode Island. Duties included: Photography education and sunset cruises, marine biology demonstrations and species identification, assisted in guiding nature walks, GPS education.


2011            Maritime Archaeology Conservation Field School, Adelaide, South Australia. Duties included: Survey and basic first aid for maritime artefacts.


2011            Iron Age Phoenician shipwreck excavation at the Bajo de la Campana 2011 field season. Duties included: Underwater mapping, excavation using air lifts, underwater measuring and data recording, artefact inventory, artefact photography, artefact illustration, site mapping using 3D modelling software, artefact first aid and post excavation care and transportation, use of lift bags to remove large boulders and artefacts from the site, photographic and video recording.


2011            Screen and Media Studies Ships Graveyard Field School. Duties included: set up and use of photography and video equipment, snorkel guide, underwater video recording.


2011            Department of Environmental and Natural Resources (DENR), York Peninsula South Australia. Duties included: Historical research and survey of Ethel and Ferret


2011             Flinders University Maritime Archaeology Field School, Mt. Dutton Bay, South Australia. Duties included: underwater mapping, excavation, site recording, underwater photography and video, species survey and identification, artefact illustration, SCUBA equipment maintenance, compressed air tank filling, artefact photography and inventory.


Independent Research

2009     Science Laboratory Assistant-Roger Williams University: Proficient in

chemical and biological laboratory techniques; prepared and dismantled biology and chemistry laboratory setup; prepared chemical dilutions, agrose plates, and biological solutions for science labs.


2005-2008            Wet Lab Assistant- Roger Williams University: Preformed the daily feeds of Clown fish, Jaw fish, Dotty Backs, Flame Angelfish, Peppermint Shrimp and Seahorses by preparing food based on specific diets and feeding; recorded animal and dietary behavior; maintained aquarium tanks, built apparatus for experiments, and conducted repairs on equipment; maintained water quality for all aquatic species; also worked with freshwater fish including largemouth bass and various coy species.


2008            Project leader for Flame Angelfish- Roger Williams University: Goal to elucidate early development and utilization of energy stores by flame angelfish Centropyge loricula eggs and larvae; recorded daily observations including amount of food digested, behavioral interactions and number of eggs produced; monitored and adjusted as necessary; supervised four research assistants in animal care and water quality.


Course Related Research

2012            Masters Thesis- Phoenician Explanation: Examination of Public Interpretation for the Bajo de la Campana Shipwreck Excavation- The focus of this thesis is the Phoenician vessel and the use of public interpretation by the National Museum of Underwater Archaeology (ARQUA) in Cartagena, Spain. The public interpretation was assessed by comparing interpretation strategies of four case studies, selected by commonalities to the Bajo de la Campana excavation. The case studies were evaluated under a post-processual perception and were utilized to compare the interpretation of the Bajo de la Campana shipwreck with other successful projects. A naturalistic paradigm was utilized to study the ARQUA museum in Cartagena, Spain.


2009            Spanish Senior Thesis- Los Beneficios de las Fincas Orgánicas de CafĂ©- An overview of the production of coffee in Guatemala, and what it means to be a truly organic coffee farm. The thesis focuses on the advantages and disadvantages of the production of coffee and how the use of ecotourism as a supplemental income for coffee production could be maintained if appropriate planning was taken into consideration. Composed in Spanish.


2007            Marine Biology Research- Octopus macropus growth, population, and food preferences study along the shoreline of Bermuda- A population of Octopus macropus off the coast of Bermuda was monitored to record population estimates, growth rate approximations and dietary observations using elastomere dyes and a Mark Recapture technique. Growth rates were determined by the size difference between the first capture and the second capture. Medical grade elastomere markers were injected into the arms of Octopus after being captured and taken to shore; which provided an identification system for captured octopus.



Josh Jones, Madeline McAllister, Danielle Wilkinson (2011) Our Windy Weekend with SUHR, Flinders Archaeology Blog, 15 August.


Jones, J., M. McAllister and D. Wilkinson, 2011. Society of Underwater and Historical Research Survey of Ethel and Ferret, Yorke Peninsula, South Australia. AIMA Newsletter.


Jones, J. 2007. Arrow Crab (Stenorhynchus seticornis) web page,


Trainings and Specializations

2010-11            The Dive Shack, Port Noarlunga, South Australia. Opening, closing and daily procedures, SCUBA equipment knowledge and maintenance, dive site knowledge, cylinder filling, photography and video of classes, sales and customer service.


2010-11             Master Classes at Flinders University, Adelaide, South Australia: Digital Illustration and editing, Wooden Boat Festival, Anchors and Moorings, Introduction to Artefact Illustration, Ships as Material Culture, Video and Still Photography for Archaeology, Knots and Splices, Senior First Aid, OHS Induction, Ships Graveyard.


2011            Operating and troubleshooting of the Z-7 underwater housing and Camera, Flinders University, Adelaide South Australia.


2011            Operating and troubleshooting of the Sony V1P underwater housing and Camera, Flinders University, Adelaide South Australia.


2007             Restricted AAUS Scientific Diver, Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences, Bermuda.


2003            NAUI Master Scuba Diver, Catalina Island, California.


Professional Memberships

Member of Australasian Institute for Marine Archaeology (AIMA) 2011

Society for Underwater and Historical Research (SUHR) 2010-2012


Skills and Certifications

Training, familiarity and application of underwater and terrestrial archaeological

search, survey, recording and excavation techniques, archaeological site map and

artefact drawing, GPS receivers, digital photography and video equipment and

dumpy level.


Biology: Knowledge of marine plants and animals, including taxonomy, functions

and their interactions with each other in the environment.


Computer skills: MS Office suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Adobe creative office

suite (Illustrator, Photoshop, Lightroom), Final Cut Pro, Internet research and a

variety of other skills.


Safety Certifications: Emergency First Responder: CPR/ AED/ Adult first aid and

DAN Oxygen Administration.


Dive Certifications: AAUS (Restricted) Scientific Diver, NAUI Master Diver, NAUI

Underwater Photography, SSI Wreck Diver, Proficient in low-visibility and cold

water diving.


Language skills: Conversation, comprehension and composition in Spanish.


Photography and Video: Advanced comprehension and use of professional grade

equipment. Photograph portfolio available upon request. Photographic website in

production. Professional prints and photography sessions. 


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