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Torre la Sal (Spain) Iberian necropolis field-school – Funeral archaeology


Excavation of a 2000 year old Iberian cemetery. You will excavate ancient graves alonside an amazing Spanish beach. Includes fieldwork, lectures, laboratory work experience and field guided visits.

At Torre La Sal, Spain. A relaxing coastal setting in the Castellón region.

First session   June 3-23 , 2013 
Second session September 9- 29, 2013
Minimum stay 1 session (20 DAYS)


2600 euro per session (20 days) taxes included


Application and payment  by:

 May 15 2013 (First session)  

August 9 2013 (Second session)

300 euro application fee required.

Safe and secure online  payment by Paypal.

Applications are available on line at:

To find out more  mail us to


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