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Question about schooling


Hello, I am not sure who to ask this question to or where so maybe you guys could help point me in the right direction? I am interested in getting into archeology, but I am torn about what I should be doing about school. I already have a BFA in Ceramics and a minor in Art History, and when looking at archeology jobs I notice they all require a bachelors in either Geology, History, Anthropology ect. I am more interested in ancient human civilization remnants and artworks, specifically reconstructing old ceramic or pottery pieces. I am not sure what kind of schooling I need for this to happen. I realize I need to go to a field school, which I have found one that does this exactly what I want to do (, but what my question is, is if I should go back to school for a Bachelors in anthropology first, or should I just go to a field school and find a masters program? Is a BFA in Ceramics relevant enough for me to find an appropriate job in archeology or into a masters program? I appreciate any information that may help answer this.

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Welcome Alektorophobia, (great handle by the way)

Your question depends on what you are considering. Are you looking at the North American market for work, or the Old World? A BFA and Art History background would be more applicable to the Old World school of training, but not so much in the New. While a BFA/AH background is not entirely useless here, the workplace and academia require a grounded training in the (link -->) Four-field Anthropology approach (Linguistics, Bio/Physical, Archaeology, and Social Anth). So, any grad school you may wish to attend may require a refresher in these disciplines. On the other hand, should you be looking into a Classical Archaeology path, then the BFA/AH degree would be more applicable. There are universities in the States that offer that program.

You can consult the (link-->) AAA guide to universities and their programs to get some starter material on the various programs out there.

Hope this helps a bit. Cheers,


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As mentioned above, I think a lot of it depends highly on what you want to do in terms of a career.

As general advice, I think another bachelor's degree wouldn't be necessary.  I'd look at specific admissions requirements for the graduate programs you're interested in.  You may need certain classes to get in but I doubt any program would specifically require a BA in Anthropology.  When I was in grad school, a good chunk of the graduate students came from other fields entirely.

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Go to the field school first. See if you actually like archaeology. About half or more of the people who go to field school realize they really don't like archaeology. Seriously, try field school or join you local arch society to see if you actually like archaeology. After doing that I would then start asking questions about a career in archaeology.

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I'd suggest giving a degree in archaeology, and field school, a pass. If you go down the path of doing fieldwork I am afraid you will move further from your goals and, perhaps, become discouraged.

I think that following this link for ideas about direction might get you going down a path that is more closely related to what it is you want to do.

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Also look at it under disciplines. What you described would fall most closely under either conservation or exhibitions.


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