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Looking at Colleges


I'm still in high school, but I'm really interested in archaeology and was looking at colleges with a good archaeology/anthropology program in the Southeast.  I haven't really narrowed it down yet, but are there any colleges with a focus on Asain archaeology ( or any other archaeology programs in general)?  Also, would there be any job options for an American interested in Asain archaeology?  Does specialization rule you out from general CRM jobs in the States if you get a MA in a specific study?

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Asian archaeology is not a common field of study within the US, so you may not want to limit yourself to the South East. Pick a school where the language of whatever area interests you is taught (assuming you aren't already fluent in both speech and writing of that language), Chinese, Japanese etc., and at the very least minor in that language. Go to the most prestigious school you can that offers this language training and also has a degree in anthropology or art history & archaeology. Where you go to school matters because you will have to go to grad school and most schools dealing with Asian archaeology care about that sort of thing. Asian arch is mostly an academic field.

There are Asian field arch jobs out there, every once in a while there are postings for jobs in Hong Kong, and jobs on US military installations in Japan. Speaking of Japan, they have a very well developed CRM industry over there and it is possible to find work, like this guy:

Keep in mind there are also English language institutions overseas in Asia that you could also attend and get a lot of training that way as well.

Specialization will not rule you out of a job, it is pretty much the whole point of getting a Masters.


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