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Master's degree in Archaeology; Looking for field/lab tech work; Willing to move/travel nation wide


Lisa M. Jennings

(1-573) 687-2001




University of Glasgow; Glasgow, Scotland

Master of Letters in Celtic and Viking Archaeology, November 2012


University of Wisconsin-La Crosse; La Crosse, Wisconsin

Bachelor of Science in Archaeological Studies, May 2011




2013 (January-March) - Estate Coin Collection

  • Created cataloging system based on principles of cataloging Archaeological artifacts. 
  • Identified and recorded coins by denomination, year, and mintmark.
  • Recorded detailed notes about the coins
  • Organized the coins along with packing and storing the coins in a proper and safe manner.


2012 (May) - Geophysical Survey at Castle Law Hillfort, Edinburgh, Scotland

·         Magnetometry Survey

o   Used a Bartington dual sensor 601 gradiometer

·         Resistivity Survey

o   Used a Twin probe Geoscan RM15

·         Conducted survey to determine what kind of activity was being conducted within the interior of the hillfort.

·         Operated the equipment along with working the data within the computer program Geoplot.


2011 (July-Aug.) - Hubbell Powers Systems (Temporary Work)

·         Recertified electric high voltage lineman gloves, entailing testing gloves to ensure certification requirements.

·         Provided new provenience number; repacked gloves into the correct lot numbers.


2010 (June-Nov.) - Field/Laboratory Technician at Mississippi Valley Archaeology Center   (MVAC)

  • Conducted field work consisting of:

o    Phase I Excavations

§  Conducted Pedestrian surveys in Minnesota to find new prehistoric and historic sites

§  Compiled data on prerecorded archaeological sites along with the newly discovered sites to determine the overall archaeological significance within Olmsted County   

§  Used GPS to mark position of sites

o   Phase II Excavations

§  STPs through Pine Plantations to locate any Prehistoric and Historic sites

§  Cataloged, washed, and processed the artifacts uncovered from field work in the lab


2009 (July) – Volunteered at the Annual Public Field School conducted by MVAC (Supervisor)

·         Taught volunteers how to conduct Phase III excavations.

·         Demonstrated how to:

o   Take care of the equipment properly

o   Fill out the paperwork

o   Draw site plans

o   Excavate features


2009 (June-July) –Field School at Sand Lake, WI

·         Sponsored by the University of Wisconsin- La Crosse and directed by Dr. David Anderson

·         Taught how to: 

o   Conduct Phase I, II, and III excavations

o   Use a total station for archaeology at an archaeological dig site

o   Dig features

o   Draw Site Plans

o   Fill out the paper work

o   Handle, wash, and catalog different artifacts found at site in a lab environment


2007 – 2010 (Sept.-May) - Lab Technician at MVAC, La Crosse, WI

  • Cataloged, washed and repacked artifacts
  • Basic Lithic identification 
  • Basic Ceramic identification
  • Floatation of soil samples
  • Sorting soil samples into light and heavy fraction samples

o   Light Fraction sample sorted:

§  Separated and identified different carbonated plant remains between wood and non-wood remains

§  Several types of nutshell (Hickory, Hazelnut, Walnut, Butternut)

§  Seeds commonly found in the Wisconsin area

o   Heavy Fraction samples sorted:

§  Identified and Separated the different elements such as:

o   Small Animal bones (Fish and Mammal)

o   Stones

o   Flakes

o   Fish Scales



Proficient with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint)



Reference available on request


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