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Humans may have reached the Americas 22,000 years ago

Jennifer Palmer

 Humans may have reached the Americas 22,000 years ago
    16:30 25 April 2013 by Michael Marshall

Humans lived in South America at the height of the last ice age, thousands of years earlier than we thought, according to a controversial study. A team claims to have found 22,000-year-old stone tools at a site in Brazil, though other archaeologists are disputing the claim.

Christelle Lahaye of Michel de Montaigne Bordeaux 3 University in France and colleagues excavated a rock shelter in north-east Brazil and found 113 stone tools.

The team dated the sediments in which the tools were buried using a technique that determines when the sediments were last exposed to light. Some tools were buried 22,000 years ago – thousands of years earlier than any known human colonisation of the Americas.

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They look similar to the artifacts from Pedra Furada, also in Brazil.

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Charlie Hatchett

Use-wear analyses of specimens from Pedra Furada:

The crudeness of the Toca da Tira Peia and Pedra Furada artifacts makes me wonder if  wood was utilized (perishables) for projectiles and other tools.

Charlie Hatchett


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