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Forbes Magazine, the least valuable college major

SHPO Grunt

Well, this is certainly depressing:

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It is sooooo true though

I have been in the business for almost 12 years, 10 with an MA, and I don't even come close the the Median for experienced graduates.

Frankly, our industry should be embarrassed.

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History ranks better than archaeology? Wooo boy.

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At least we're Number 1 at something!

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I mean, at least there are a handful of archs out there who are making a good living. But across the board? Well deserved.

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I can't say that I'm surprised by the ranking.  If anything, the salaries seem higher than what I would have expected.  Unless an "experienced grad" went on to graduate school, it's hard to image too many BA-level archaeologists earning $47,000/year.

Unemployment rate for *recent grads: 10.5%
Median earnings for recent grads: $28,000
Unemployment rate for *experienced grads: 6.2%
Median earnings for experienced grads: $47,000
*Recent college graduates are ages 22 to 26, and experienced workers are ages 30 to 54

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Well, I am sure they are including folks with majors that work outside CRM and Social Work... Not to mention the Fed system pays WAY better than the private sector (especially the east coast), if you can break into it early.  I am sure their numbers are suspect, but the fact remains that we are at the bottom now.  Used to be above a few majors (social work, sociology, and a few other liberal arts majors).   

Forbes isn't the only organization that has ranked our industry at the bottom for pay and job satisfaction in the last few years.


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