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Advanced Metal Detecting for the Archaeologist - Winchester, VA, November 2013

Jennifer Palmer




Advanced Metal Detecting for the Archaeologist (AMDA) will present its third class offering, in Winchester, Virginia in November 2013. AMDA is certified under the Register of Professional Archaeologists’ continuing professional education program. The goal of the class is to provide professional archaeologists with an understanding of current best practices in metal detecting, and to provide the opportunity to gain hands-on experience with a variety of devices from a variety of manufacturers.

The course is offered with 16-credit and 24-credit options. Under the former, there are 8 hours of classroom work and 8 hours of field instruction/experience. Under the latter, the field portion is expanded to 16 hours and the classroom remains 8 hours. Fees have not yet been finalized, but earlier classes were $250 for 16 credits and $350 for 24 credits.

The classroom portion (November 15) will be held at Shenandoah University in Winchester, VA. The field portion (November 16, plus November 17 for the 24-credit option) will be held at Clermont Farm, a state historic site that includes standing buildings from as early as 1770 (801 East Main Street, Berryville, VA). The VA DHR management plan for Clermont Farm calls for metal detector survey in several areas of the property (see ).

For more information please contact Chris Espenshade at or Patrick Severts at (770) 594-4734 or .

For an application forms, please see .


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