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Spitfires in Burma - Eve t



at the RAF MUSEUM HENDON 19.30hrs - 19 JUNE 2013

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In January 2013, the World's media watched as two alternate visions of what happened to the RAF's surplus Spitfires at the end of World War Two were tested on the sun beaten expanse of Yangon International Airport, Burma.

On the one hand Lincolnshire Farmer and aviation enthusiast David Cundall maintained that, based on his interpretation of eye witness evidence and documents, up to thirty six Mark XIV Spitfires lay buried in their transport crates in trenches, dug by American SeeBee engineers, at the behest of Lord Louis Mountbatten and might yet be recovered and restored to fly again.

On the other hand International Computer Gaming Company, Wargaming team of historical investigators, deploying all the techniques of  documentary study, archaeological geophysics and field archaeology, suggested that the Royal Air Force had neither the Means, Motive nor Opportunity to bury the aircraft in the monsoon mud of the former RAF Mingaladon in 1945 and 1946.

As the world now knows, Wargaming team were proved correct and there is no evidence that complete, crated Spitfire aircraft were ever buried at Yangon.  However, that stark truth hides a fascinating story of historical detective work, allied to high tech science and painstaking field archaeology.  

It also hides a fascinating and very human story which goes to the very root of how we regard the iconic machines of World War Two, like the Spitfire, and also the story of the men who flew and maintained them, against all the odds, in a world which is now on the fragile edge of living memory.

For the first time the Wargaming team are going to present the full findings of the investigation at Yangon in a special multimedia presentation at the Royal Air Force Museum Hendon on 19thJune 2013 with the main presentation starting at 19.30hrs.

The evening will be fully illustrated by slides and video of the expedition and will include the team’s suggestion as to how and why the myth of the Burma Spitfires came to be so widely believed by the public and the media.

The evening will include opportunities to ask questions of the team and special arrangements will be made for members of the media who wish to undertake more extensive interviews.

Wargaming Thanks the Royal Air Force Museum for enabling us to mount this event.


RAF MUSEUM HENDON 19.30hrs - 19 JUNE 2013

RAF Museum London : Grahame Park Way - London, NW9 5LL


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