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Field/Lab Technician with experience in the West and Southwest. WA based, willing to relocate!


David A. Poole

1721 Medallion Loop NW, Olympia, WA 98502 | (408) 569-2747 |





2012                     University of California, Santa Cruz                                Santa Cruz, California

                                    Bachelor of Arts, Anthropology


2010                     Cabrillo College                                                                        Aptos, California

                                    Associate in Science, Archaeological Technology




·       Zooarchaeology

·       Osteology of Mammals, Fish, and Birds (Lab)

·       Ceramics Analysis (Lab)

·       North American Archaeology

·       Archaeology of the American Southwest

·       Human Paleopathology

·       Archaeological Research Design

·       History or Archaeological Theory

·       Feminism and Gender in Archaeology (Sem.)




2011                     San Juan College                                                            Farmington, New Mexico

                            Director: Linda Wheelbarger

                            Totah Archaeological Project (TAP)


2010                     Cabrillo College                                                                           Aptos, California

                            Director: Dustin McKenzie

                            Henry Coe State Park




September 2011 to June 2012

University of California, Santa Cruz (Ceramic Materials Research Lab)


Position: Intern


Tasks: Record Munsell colors on sherd chips from decorated pottery from an archaeological site in Northern Chihuahua Mexico. These sherd chips were part of a refiring experiment to try to determine firing temperatures and to do a primary sorting of pottery by source of production; Data entry for Tijeras Pueblo, New Mexico pottery


Faculty Director: Judith Habicht-Mauche Ph. D.

Email:           Phone: (831) 459-3201


January to March 2011

University of California, Santa Cruz (Cowell Limeworks)


Position: Intern


Tasks: Working for the UCSC Physical Planning and Construction entailed excavation of floors and exteriors of worker's cabins at site CA-SCR-198/H (Cabin B) and the survey of adjacent land to the historic buildings. Lab work included identification and cataloging historic artifacts and the transcription of historical documents into computer format. In addition, several internship hours were allocated to the preservation and restoration of Cabin B under the supervision of Frank Perry.


Faculty Director: Sally Morgan

Email:     Phone: (831) 459-1254





December 2012

Bray Site (45PI1276) Edgewood, WA


Position: Field Technician


Tasks: STPs to determine the boundaries of the site as well as the screening of a 20% sample of a pile of topsoil from its damaged portion.


Project Managers: James Chatters Ph. D. & Steven Hackenberger Ph. D.


2009 – 2010

Cabrillo College Archaeological Technology Program


Position: Lab volunteer/ Intern


Tasks: The program objective was the development of archaeological lab skills through practical application including sorting, cataloging and weighing shell midden material from CA-SCR-7. Proficiency in the identification of various marine species as well as lab procedures was acquired.


Faculty director: Dustin McKenzie

Email:       Phone: (831) 479-6294


September 2009

East Bay Regional Park District, Morgan Territory Regional Preserve


Position: Field Technician / Survey crew


Tasks: After locating several BRMs, which were obscured by dense vegetation, the recordation process entailed measuring, photographing and describing the features.


Supervisor: Annamarie Guerrero        

Email:       Phone: (510) 673-4387


June 2009

Los Padres National Forest


Position: Field Technician


Tasks: This dissertation project promoted the attainment and development of field technician skills including STPs, auguring, 1x1 unit excavation, screening soil, identifying prehistoric cultural materials, profile drawings and recording sites and features.       


Supervisor: Diana T. Dyste-Anzures 

Email: Phone: (805) 637-8821


May 2009

California State Parks, Monterey District


Position: Field Technician


Tasks: The excavation 2x1 units of MNT 202/H was successful under the supervision of California State Parks and associated archaeologists.


Supervisor: Rae Schwaderer

Email:     Phone: (831) 251-8872




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