Topic ID #29033 - posted 6/2/2013 8:04 AM

Experimental Archaeology Workshop in Sicily

Claudia S

The workshop is the first attempt to
re-build the Hut 1 next to the area of the
excavation. Tools, materials, techniques
will be consistent to the original ones,
known by the archaeological investigation
in Tornambé and from other prehistoric
settlements in Sicily. We will start from
making the tools to collect and work on
vegetal materials – like cutting and
drafting the wood, braiding the ropes,
shaping stone blocks, etc. We will build the
drystone wall and set up the vegetal roof.
All the building phases will be recorded to
put together the results through videos,
pictures and analytical data sheets. During
the workshop, we will highlight some of
the bibliographical studies and the analysis
and interpretation of the archaeological


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